The reason why Hugo is the most intimidating character at high levels of play

Wow, parry that shit and punish!!! haha

Never seen that before. Nope never. NEVER! Totally new. Its not years old, that’s for sure.

thats soo old…

Well, as far as I know, no one has ever posted it on this forum.

Is it the parry into 720 vid? If so ive nvr seen it lol.

No, this is the “parry Chun Li’s SA2 a gagillion times with absolutely no life left and then cancel into 720 pile driver before the SA finishes after destroying her the first round” vid.

O almost exactly what i described…I havent seen it lol

Parry into 360 is pretty common.

i ment 720 the first time. See?

I can Parry 720 but not on the super art 2 of Chun Li hehe

it’s not difficult to do once in training mode…
it’s difficult to do once in the heat of battle with no life left…

but its so funny when u get someone into gigas ad they weren’t expecting it

“aww shit. . .WTF!?!?” . . . . .GG

More RECENT Hugo intimidation. :lol:

damn those vids were bad ass [ meat squasher–>gigas ] thats fucking insane. . know where i can get anymore? i need to learn more hugo tactics. . .

The blue Hugo is Hayao right?

These matches are all from Uriden so I’m not completely sure. Site is all in Japanese and stuff. I think this is RX’s website since a majority of the vids feature RX’s Urien. So I would assume another top Hugo player like Hayao would be playing. Again…not complete sure, all I know is I enjoyed those Hugo matches thuroughly. :tup:


I believe he messes up standing 720 twice (at least once) before getting the reversal 720 at the end.

Sick stuff tho. Thanks for the links!

LOL. Messing up standing 720 is something that’ll eventually happen. That requires a lot of execution to get consistantly. As a matter of fact, faking a standing 720 can make for even more mix up games.

The zips at the bottom all seem to be offline. Can anyone upload them?