The reason why Sagat isnt top tier (to me)

I was reading the thread on the reason why sagat is top tier and i decided to start this basically to share my thoughts:

I remember the first time i ever laid my hands on Street fighter 4 was in one of the arcades near my area. During that time HD remix just came out and I was trying to train my guile so i decided to try out guile. I had no idea how to do hes Super, Ultra and i could barely do a sonic boom ( dont know why :rofl:) I haven played a fighter on an arcade machine for more than 7-10 years.

So this guy challenged me and he used Sagat. I had no idea about all these Tier horse shit so i basically din feel anything. So we played 5 matches. He was unleasing some tiger shots and ultras and i was basically doing all my jabs. I tink i only managed to do one flash kick throughout e match:rofl:. After a long battle (not intense) I managed to win him 3-2.

So the mentality of Sagat being top tier never ever crossed my mind ever since that day and until today it still hasnt.

Im really disgusted at how this overpowered sagat “rumour” has blown out of proportion everywhere especially in America. But well its a free world, you have ur rights to say whatever you want:rofl:

Just my 2 cents

simple you were not playing a good sagat then.

sagat and ryu (and perhaps akuma depending on who you ask) have 0 bad matchups. that is what makes them top tier over others, and that would be my top 3 if i had to pick 3. every other character in the game has some sort of counter pick while those 3 do not (again imo.)

and as far as sagat goes, he has literally every tool in the game to win.

Indeed, Sagat’s make for some fun matches but every once in a while you’ll face one who’s FB zoning will force you into even worse situations ( especially if the character you main can’t FB ). I don’t think you have learned to fear the St.Rh and lk.tigerknee… painful lessons those :shake:.

Well the only way to win is to have no fear then:rofl: even if i wasnt playing a good sagat, i myself wasnt playing a good guile. So guile being a much lower tier, should have huge advantages over me:wgrin:

one time i beated ryu wit dan and i dont really see why dan is not higher tier his ultra is easier to hit

I’ve beaten Sagat’s with Vega before. Thus, it’s reasonable to assume that Vega, not Sagat, is the overall best character in SFIV.

Sagat is good, but clearly is not OP since no major tournament has been won with a Sagat yet or even had a Sagat in the finals. With Evo and SBO combined, only 1 out of 16 finalists used Sagat and that Sagat lost in the first round of the finals.

Yet with Ryu and Akuma, there are craploads of them of in the finals and usually win, except for SBO, Viper, Rufus, Dhalism, won…so…clearly Sagat is not OP, otherwise we would see the epic Sagat vs Sagat mirrors all the time like we see the epic Chun-Li vs Chun-Li mirrors in SFIII…

I think Sagat is top 3, but definitely not the definitive #1.

It should be:

S - Sagat, Ryu, Akuma


I personally don’t think sagat is as dominating as some elude to, but on the same token, i can hardly agree that two inexperienced guys playing a set of 5 is evidence of anything.

I am assuming this is sarcasm, and if so, its exactly what i am getting at with my post above.

We can’t watch the match therefore we can’t tell how it was fought, for all we know the OP was able to chill back, block and punish for most of the match, in a situation like that, his opponent could have 3 times the health and hed still win.

i thought sagat had bad matchups (6-4) with sim and akuma. and doesn’t akuma have a bad match-up or 2?

I heard gouki is becoming a good counter to sagat in Japan

in a game vs Sagat, the player not using sagat has to play much better and use more skill since its almost always an uphill battle vs sagat for most characters.

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