The reason why SoCal arcades are dying

I was talking to AI’s owner about this recently, and i dont mean to be presumptuous. I dont have any evidence, except for what i’ve been told by some people in the business. But it wasn’t until Vinny’s post about Denjin that make me want to bring this up, but i thought a new thread would be appropriate since if affects all of us.

The reason why Shogo’s arcade is not open is because the LA County inspector needs to make a “final safety inspection” before it is allowed to open. Until then, Shogo needs to sit on his ass, and continue to pay rent until his business is open. The office that controls the distribution of licenses in and around the LA county area is (how should i word this…) Corrupt as fuck. Homeowners’ Associations especially have their hand in what they say can be built in and around Los Angeles and its residential areas. You know why they hate arcades? It’s because it drives down land value.

Before AI was open, it took 10 months of waiting for the inspector to “approve it” Ken wouldn’t want to move AI because he doesn’t want to deal with getting approval for a new place again.

Alex Valle, if you want to talk about the future of the arcade and why it sucks so much to start one up in the LA area, this is one such talking point.

The only one that is immune from all this, is OCE- the ones that run SJSU, Calpoly, UCLA, and soon-to-open CalStateLA. And that is because university land is controlled by the state.

I know some of you are young, but some of us are old with jobs and careers, that still go to arcades. But if anyone has some expertise in law or local government, some opinion wold be greatly appreciated. I don’t really know the FFA owner, Ralph either.

Theres a lot more to say on the situation, but this is just to get a few balls rolling hopefully. Yeah, (ive said this before) but i applaud Shogo for having the balls to open up his own arcade, and i REALLY wish him the best. But the rising cost of buying new arcade boards for SF4, or how Japanese arcades paying 100yen while we pay a quarter, are all problems arcades face. I guess my point is- arcades here are not merely on life support, but imo, being snuffed out.

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that blows but…i blame LA. i heard the airplanes that take off at john wayne airport do so at an unusually steep angle (same for landing) to minimize noise for people living in houses near the airport.

in no other place can you find homeowners with so much control as in LA.

try ultradavid (i think).

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Only because this thread comes up every 4 months. You’re not the first to write an essay and you won’t be the last.

this has been known for years. new malls, towns etc dont want arcades around, dont want the teenage hangouts etc. nothing new.

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online gaming that’s the main reason man think of how big arcades were back in the day, why you ask cause there was no such thing as online play now we can play anything without leaving the house well also cause gas prices suck now. :sad:

I play fighting games…

all sillyness aside, that’s some ol bullshiz if Shogo is really getting shafted like that. His arcade looks like it’s going to be awesome and he took a big enough risk by trying to make an arcade in the first place and now he has to deal with asshole bureaucrats. :tdown:

It also doesn’t help that modern teenagers could give a damn about an arcade, since most of the games can be played at home on their console, or emulated on their PC.

Walmart parking lots destroy arcades.

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Sympathy with Shogo and fuck the city council. Is it not possible to collect damages for delays in opening a business due to late inspections?