The Red Rock Casino Bar/Club EVO aftermath/party from Mon morning thread

For those that don’t know/weren’t there, almost like 50 people from SRK met up at that club(not cherry, the other one) Sun night/Mon morning. It was a great night. Everyone had fun, which is all that mattered.

Highlights included:

Combofiend being wheeled out because he was drunk.

Daigo being carried out because he was too drunk to walk.

Arm wrestling money matches.

^Thats all I really remember.

So post up your thoughts/story of the night and what went down and how you felt/etc.

I hate all of you bitches that went. why? because i was caught by security. Underage = death…

So i went back to the room and waited for phone call from john, but nothing… Gene = Really sad that night… last day of evo, and no fun for me… Hope everyone had fun, and i hope everyone is ok.

i have a pic of daigo puking on my phone for some reason…I don’t remember taking it…

Who has the pic taken by the security guards of combofiend in the wheelchair on like the 10 floor before he got wheeled into DSPs room??



daigo also got hauled off in a wheelchair at the end of the night. we dragged him to the bathroom and he puked allover the sink. security told us to drag him to the toilet instead. then they called for a wheelchair. that was pretty much the end of all that. me and dogface went back to the room, we come out for a minute, and see them pushing daigo in the wheelchair back to his room. it was pretty bad, but hella funny. didnt have a camera with me at the time. coulda had fun with that pic.

almost got kicked out of that bar from all the arm wrestling after the match between me and jason nelson. i remember security coming up asking if we were betting. but all of us drunks were still conscious enough to all say no. hella clutch.

quote for truth…i got caught right after you.

lol let the man drink his sorrows away in peace :rofl:

I look too young for my own good.

Anybody remember that hot chick in the red shirt with the nice and probably fake tits?

Had my arms around her and all that.

“Hey how old are you?”

Then it goes downhill from there.

me = :frowning:

Rotendo was there and saw my pain. :frowning: arggg nooooooo!!!

I’ll post more on this situation if requested. It’s kind of funny and sucky at the same time. :frowning:

dude, that chick had big tits but her face was busted up. she looked hella like a hooker bro…

Yeah, I remember… posted the ‘what really happened’ in aother EVO thread, lol. Naw, don’t think she was a hooker at all from talking to her and the way she carried herself, plus she had a friend with her… another chick and not a pimp. Oh, and definately not attractive, lol.

dude, random mofo money matching in arm wrestling with the hawaiian shirt = wtf?
that was just fucking hilarious.