The Regular Sakura Thread



While Dark Sakura is cool and all I find that regular Sakura has much better use with 3 meters than her transformation.

-Her basic AC is C.LK, C.HP, J.LP, J.LK, J.MK, LK Senpu Kyaku, J.LP, LP Shouoken. That alone does 60+ points of damage.

-Her best jump in is J.HK, LK Senpukyaku which does 38 damage on it’s own.

-When near the corner do this AC: C.LK, C.HP, J.LK, HK Senpu Kyaku, J.FP, J.FK, C.LK, C.HP. This is practically all your opponents life right there.:evil: 90+ points!!!

-Her BNB super combo is C.LK, C.MK, LP Shouoken, XX Haru Ichiban or Shinku Hadouken.

Basic Strats:

-Use Sakura’s Senpu Kyaku as a Psuedo Air Dash if necessary.

-Her dash assist can set up many things. (More on that later.)

-Her Shinku Hadoken can plow through Tri-Jumps.

These are the basics, if anyone is willing to know or share more please post!!!:smiley: I will share some of my Sakura secrets with you.:wink:


I dont really have many Sakura stuff because i suck:(, but i like the stuff here that you posted.

Personally, i don’t use Dark Sakura either, i prefer the meter.

Though one thing i DO do, is after Psylocke’s air combo that ends in her QCBKK, you can time Sakura’s QCFPP so that you catch them before they land. Its good because then you can link to whatever else you need to with your third character from it. But the thing is, you have to obviously use Psylocke with Sakura for that…

I use the Basic LP, HP, LPshoryuken, Super deal…


Nice stuff XCTU, though it’s better to do C.LK, S.HP, LP Shouoken, Super though. The main reason I use C.LK, C.Mk though is that people can push block and punish your FP, but most people don’t.:smiley:

And since someone posted I guess I can tell you some more stuff.

She also has an INF on Sent which is probably one of the easiest INFs in the game: J.LK, J.HK, HK Hurricane Kick X INF. Also because you are using a special move it will never dizzy!!! :evil:

And when you wan’t to end it just do C.LK, C.MK, LP Shouoken into Super. Plus you build sooo much meter if you catch it on Sent early.

And if you want a flashy finish you can do w/Sent Ground: INF (Sent hits) Turn into Dark Sakura, C.LK, C.MK, S.HK, Shinku Hadouken. I did this once in the arcade and got oohs and aahs!!!:smiley: :cool:

Shinku Hadoken is VERY FAST, so it can interrupt tri-jumps, pressure tactics, stomping the works.

But here’s my biggest thing I’ve found which is the only original thing in Marvel that no one else has figured out (I hope:().

Repost: My team> Sakura/IM/Sent

Awesome team cuz for example Cable does viperbeam, Sakura does Shouoken, u cancel into Haru Ichiban (Startup is instantaneous!!!) delaying into PC while JAB viper beam is in the middle of firing!!!:smiley:

IM’s INF can be comboed from Shouoken assist (J.FP, AD down, J.LP, J.U.FP, INF, Sent’s flight combo with Sakura’s Dash assist: call Sakura Dash, jab RP, fp.RP!!!

Plus Sakura benefits greatly from IM anti-air assist in combos!!!

U can treat SHDK like Tempest, becuz of the quick startup u can do SHDK delaying into Proton Cannon.

EX: I was playing my friend and since he knew my trick I did above he did Cable’s s.fp (I did Shouoken) XX into scimitar (here I did SHDK) XX into AHVB (I delayed into PC) and PC still hit him!!! See the usefullness!!! :smiley:

So as you can see above Sakura is just as good as Dark Sakuras without the stupid 3 meter transformation and has a better assist.:o

Edit: what I also like about my team is that if I happen to catch the Sakura infinite on Sent you can combo into Shinku Hadouken and DHC into Ironman’s Proton Cannon (killing Sent) then Guard Breaking the next character into INF with IM. TOO GOOD!!!:cool:

I’ve defeated many of teams who though I was just some scrub for using Sakura and boy did they pay!!!:evil:


Wow, thanks, thats cool. An infinite on Sent is ALWAYS helpful. :smiley:

I like your team, and how well it works with IM, but i play a bit different it seems. I find Sakura to work really well with Psylocke in just about any occasion. She has one of the most damaging AC’s off the ground from Psy’s AAA, and Psylocke has the universal comboer, with the whole C.LK (Call assist) C.LK then you can launch them there or do a super or whatever. I’m not sure if you can actually get a guaranteed C.LK C.HP off the ground right away due to rolling, but its still powerful.

Also, the way i play, i found her Expansion type assist more useful because i play a pressure game with Psylocke and Chun-Li (Yes, i use Chun, i’m a scrub :p) and it seems to keep them on their toes more.

Thanks for the info, gonna go to the arcade and try some stuff out now. :smiley:


Nice. Actually you can juggle the C.LK the same way Magz does, it all about the timing.:wink:

Here’s my combo I do with IM’s assist: C.LK (Call IM AA), C.MK, S.HP, Assist hits (wait for the direction of opponent to be seen when falling.) dash or backdash, C.HP or DF.HK, SJ, J.LP, J.LK, J.LK, LK Senpu Kyaku, J.LP, LP Shouoken. OR if near corner: (After the launch previously mentioned) J.LK, HK Senpu Kyaku, J.FP, J.FK, C.LK, C.MK, C.HP.

Because of the highly damaging IM assist and the highly damaging Senpu Kyaku this combo does A LOT of damage, roughly 50-75% of your opponent’s life depending which combo you do (the last one is obviously the most damaging.)

Here’s more stuff I forgot:

-You know the same Shouoken canceled into Haru Ichiban to counter Cable’s Viper Beam thing? Well you can do the same thing to Storm’s Typhoon XX Hail or Sent’s C.HP/Drones.:evil: Muhahaha!!!:evil:

-The Sakura IM AA combo could also end with Shinku Hadouken instead of the AC after IM AA finished juggling.:smiley:

-Sakura’s DF HK has a lot of priority and horizontal and vertical range making it a good move if you want a safe noncomboed launch into an AC or Shinku Hadouken. but C.HP is good when used in a combo.

-Remember all shotos have VERY highly damaging Hurricane Kicks including Sakura so remember to base your AC or gameplay on this move. That includes the J.HK, LK Senpu Kyaku jump in I mentioned earlier.:stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been playing a bit with Sakura with Cable/TBone. I’ve noticed that Sakura’s running uppercut goes through a lot of assists moves and such, which can save your ass if they have sent/doom/etc… Maybe not all the way through, but damn that bitch can be annoying on the receiving end! Like having Capt. America go through your super stupid. They wasted a meter and she not only went through their super/assist’s projectile or whatever, but she can set you up for combos/super… another of Cable’s favorite assists in the game IMO.

I agree about the Dark Sakura. She’s good, but not worth the meters. They can go towards DHC or saving them for your other characters. Sent inf with Sakura owns!


:evil: The way I found the infinite was when I watched Julius Jackson’s "Dumbass Combo Video and saw Ken doing that INF, and out of curiousity I said to myself “Hey maybe Sakura can do it too?!!!” and it worked. And IMO Sakura is WAY better than Ken. :o Plus thie INF is 10 times easier with Sakura because of the angle she descends.:smiley:

Not only does Sakura’s Dash Assist go through Doom’s Rock or Cable’s Viperbeam, but even Captain Corridor, Storm Proj., IM AA and Tron Proj.!!!:eek: Oh and if your being pressured by a stomping Sent who has Doom or the ever so common Capcom assist, you can Guard Switch into Sakura’s Dash which neutralizes Capcom’s/Doom’s and then Cancel into Shinku Hadouken to Punish flying Sent!!!:cool:

But Never EVER do Shouoken in the air cuz you don’t block until you reach the ground. BTW could someone test if Shouoken can go through BH’s AA?:bluu:


I tested it just now…Sakura’s Shoryuken DOES go through Blackhearts AAA


Sakura=tourney worthy? I’ve heard that some top players have started using Sakura or added her to thier arsenal for tourney play. Also with Cable/Spiral/Sakura you can do some pretty good damage. With Spiral on point, you have Sakura to take care of assist projectiles and such, keeping Spiral safe (being the battery) then you can switch in Cable to chip with Spiral’s assist and punish mistakes/whiffed special moves and supers with Sakura=AHVBs. You can call Sakura, do a regular hb, you’ll finish before Sakura if you’re using lp hb, then she’ll continue her uppercut and the opponent will be getting launched and you can add a AHVB! Cable/BH/Sakura is another pretty good team.


Woo Hooo Thanks for the info. I was always too scared to test that out in a real match.:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: In my opinion she is a tourney worthy character. BTW Rotendo even if you don’t hit Sent with the Sakura INF you can still do it along with Sent Ground as a pressure tactic.

Why do I think she is tourney worthy here are the reasons.

-Suprise factor. Most peeps will think your some kind of scrub for using her and not even transforming into her Dark counterpart. If you use her wisely it can catch them off guard.:slight_smile:

-Highly Damaging Combos. While Sakura might not have the high hit rate like Mags has if she ever hits you it will HURT PERIOD. Thanks to her highly damaging Senpu Kyaku you will put a hurting on even Sent.

-2 INFINITES. Yes She has another infinite that can be done in the corner after a guard break. J.LP, J.LK, J.HP, LK Senpu Kyaku, and becuase you are using a special move in the INF it will never dizzy!!! And you can do Haru Ichiban or SHDK to DHC and finish them off if the inf is scaling badly. Not to mention most people don’t even know she has a inf on Sent that is not only easy to do but will never dizzy either.:evil:

-Gaurd Break. Yes she has a guard break that is J.LK, LK Senpu Kyaku. Or with Psy J.Lk w/ Psy AA Sart inf or combo.

-Pseudo Air Dash. Her HK Senpu Kyaku can be use as an AD to get further. Unlike an AD though you can’t block on reaction so used it wisely.

-Awesome Assist. Her Dash assist can setup many things like IM’s inf, AHVB, Proton Cannon, the highly damaging Sent Fly combo I posted earlier, and HSF (Kind tricky so I need to practice it.:p). Oh and who could forget go through projectiles but also BEAMS!!! :evil:

-Very Fast Supers. Her Shinku Hadouken destroys Tri-Jumps with it’s near instantaneous start up and it’s Range. Her Haru Ichiban can frame kill into Proton Cannon or Hail Storm due to it’s instantaneous start up similar to Magneto’s Tempest ('cept he can do it in the air).

So as you can see she may not have the tools to be Top Tier but she can get the job done. Trust me my win record with my Sakura/IM/Sent has proved me so me this.:smiley: I hope this tournament I’m going to in January (FL, Ft.Lauderdale) will prove this to some people.:slight_smile: Even though I’m truly a Rogue player Sakura is still tight!!!:cool:


Sakura = Anti-Sentinel?


That alone may be enough to make her tourney worthy.



:evil: :evil: :evil: You never know!!!:evil: :evil: :evil:


I use storm sentinel ironman.Since i can’t really use sentinel and don’t really like him (I’ve always had terrible luck playing with big fat characters), I’m thinking of adding sakura. Would Sakura Storm Ironman be a good team ? and which order would you arrange them ? I’m also thinking of Ruby Heart,Sakura ,Ironman…I unno, when all seems to fail, Mags Ironman Psylocke prevail:evil:


The team sounds fine.:slight_smile: But remember what I said about the frame kill technique and put it to good use.:wink: Because both Storm and IM have instantaneous DHCs which is useful to Sakura.

Oh on a low tier team I usually recommend having at least one top tier character to make it stable.

Man I’m drained, I gave all my Sakura knowledge away.:frowning: Oh wait Sakura’s Shouoken goes through Doom’s Photon Shots.:rolleyes:

And you can OTG after her C.FK but people will always roll and she can do reset combos with her air throw but that’s also rollable. Now I’m drained. :frowning:


Yeah, if i want to play seriously, i should have one top tier character for my team. That would mean i would have to ditch Chun-Li, but then i have Sakura and Psylocke…who works really well with them? I’m thinking Sentinel…since im pretty bad with Magneto, Storm, and Iron man…


Definately Sentinel cuz his Gorund assist is perfect for every lower tier character in this game. Plus he’s an awesome character look at me Sent fly combo with Sakura.:evil: heh.


How should I play these teams?

#1 Cable/Spiral/Sakura

#2 Cable/BH/Sakura or C/S/BH

#3 Cable/Sakura/Sent

#4 Spiral/Sakura/Sent Team Triple ‘S’

Any help would be appreciated. Looking for anit air strats, anti-rushdown strats, anti-four horsemen (Mag/Storm/Sent/Cable) strats. Thanks.


I’ve been practicing Felicia/Sakura/Doom lately and have had success against the cpu and some scrubs. I’m afraid of how this team will fare against, shivers, storm or sentinel players. Anyways, my question is this, do you think my new sakura team is good or a no no ? I want to keep Felicia and Sakura for sure but suggestions on who would occupy the third slot would be greatly appreciated. I’m undecided on which felicia assist to use .Sakura is on dash. Doom obviously is set on Anti air.


Yeah, I use to use Felica a bit back in the day with Son Son and Tron Bone. It was a fun team to play with, nothing but chicks owing up everyone :smiley: Use should use her dash or anti air. Don’t remember what she has really, but that’s an unusual team. It’s nice to hear people using odd/hardly used characters once in a while you know.

  1. Kinda unorthodoxed and lacking team dynamics, but if you are good with Spiral offensively more power to you!!!:wink: BTW Sakura’s Dash assist can set up AHVB.

  2. Yes a nice team, You can set up Inferno XX HOD from Sakura Dash assist. Sakura’s AA assist can also be used to have a quick offensive AA.:slight_smile:

  3. Awesome team. In fact that’s my old team . It’s better IMO that you put your team in this order: Sakura/Sent/Cable so it’s more DHC friendly. Her Dash assist can set up HSF even though the timing is kinda tricky and also a very damaging fly combo with Sent.

  4. Nice team. Too bad the main idea for this team is to build meter for Sakura to transform into her Dark counterpart to teleport for the rest of the match and since this is the Regular Sakura Thread I’m conflicted.:o :lol:

I’ll post anti strats l8er cuz it’s kinda late. PEACE!!!:smiley: