The Relationship/Dating Thread: We rough up our significant other and they love it!


***Lets try this again people without the ignorance. Now that we do have new members and female members involved in this thread the title has changed an ALL voices are welcomed!

Good luck. I will try to answer as many as I can and hope srk’s finest will help also. I really hope this works to kind of end alot of issued women topics..:tup:

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Actually, I think we all kinda broke every rule in that last thread. >.>

On topic, here’s a question: I’m approaching 30 and the number of single women my age where I live (college town) is few and far between, and those I HAVE found have all had sex with the local rich asshole and they’re stuck on him. The rest are all 18-22 and are so immature that I can hardly stand to be around them. Those who know me here know that If I’M saying someone is immature, then that’s saying something. Anyway I’m looking to get settled down and start a family, but since there is hardly anyone here will I have to pick up and leave, should I start searching through Memphis (which is an hour away), or should I wait until I’ve gotten myself established as a writer (in which case the wimmens will be flooding me)?

I think you should move to a new city. Hell, go for a capital city. There will be more women and better opportunity for your career as a writer.

Definitely. Hit up the East Coast man. North East all day.

But seriously, I agree with Ryusuke. Better opportunities, better connections, better inspiration. Especially in a capital city. It’s why I love living near NYC and Philly.

I’m really starting to like hispanic women. Well I use to like them in the past, but I thought maybe I could make it work with my sisters. Unforuntately every black woman in Atlanta has her head up her ass, and there is no reason for it, because all of them are broke (though they like to MAKE it look like they have money). I have ummm, well fucked at least hispanic women in the past. Never had a relationship with one. I know mexcians generally don’t date interracially (unless you’re rich). But how about for the other nationalities in central America, south american, and the carribean? I’d like to have a full date with a hispanic woman once instead of a one night stand. I did date a Brazilian woman once, but it didn’t go well because I was broke and unemployed at that time. Though I don’t think Brazilian counts as hispanic.

But there lies the rub: Oxford is a fantastic town to be writer in because many, MANY authors pass through here due to the connections to Faulkner. Ace Atkins lives here, John Grisham regards it as his hometown, Barry Hannah refused to leave until he died, and now Tom Franklin, Beth Ann Fennelly, and Jack Pendarvis call it their home. I’ve even had an opportunity to study under James Kimbrell, who won the Academy of American Poets Prize TWICE. If I want to make it as a writer from Mississippi, I’ve got the best chance here.

So yeah, I’ve got a good job, and a promising future with the connections I’ve got. It’d be really hard to leave, despite being socially starved in the women department. I might just have to start picking through grad students. Lots of imports from other states.

That’s a good idea or you can do your thing at home and use the money to travel. See new sights and meet new faces, get it?

Sounds like a good idea.

You and your city can kick rocks.


Hopefully you don’t get turned off to black women as a whole because of a few( or many :sweat:) stupid ones, but at the same time, gotta taste all the other flavors out there.:wink:

I hope this thread goes better than the last one.

  1. mexicans date outside of their race/ethnicity. keep trying.
  2. i’m 100% sure that you don’t know every black woman in any city…keep trying.
  3. don’t date outside of your race/ethnicity for superficial reasons. don’t be like the women that you are talking about.
  4. brazilians are latinos but not hispanic because they speak portuguese instead of spanish.

*i used to date a mexican girl. also have dated females from dr, pr, and el salvador. the ones from el salvador and pr were born in america, tho.

I am not sure why anyone would want to stay in the Least Coast if they had the option to move to the Best Coast. I can’t hate on people with poor taste though.


nyc is the greatest city in the country and one of the greatest if not the greatest on earth.

you can’t go wrong with:

various places in cali


You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is based on wrong facts and premises.


east coast aka MEAT coast.

DS knows all about that.


I think Koop’s deleting posts that aren’t on topic. So that’s why those posts are disappearing. Rule 11 and whatnot.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who took time to chime in regarding my question. I think I’ll just focus on writing for now and start traveling more once I get a steady cashflow.

…If we’re talking strictly women…i don’t know how someone can disagree with NYC being the best. MIA and ATL are amazing too. EC>>>

But you are looking at the big cities. What about the bigger picture?

Oh and also how many of those chicks actually live there?

Devils Advocate

So, many people have asked about the Mystic/and Rose Magician pics. I still have them, but per Koop’s request in the last thread, I won’t distribute them.

I will reiterate, it’s not worth seeing.

I will also admit that although I negged Neesa back when we had rep for being an attention whore with her “Ask a girl” thread, her AV with tits were my speed.

Hypocritical? Yes. Probably so.

Oh and Emblem takes the cake with that poem from the last thread. And I’m sigging Lothar’s “Nigga you gay post”. :rofl:

It’s pretty sad cause I made the thread not looking for attention (like that). I generally wanted to like answer questions and shit like that cause I know this is still (and always will be) a male predominate site. However, my efforts will forever go down in SRK history as trying to be an attention whore. S’all good. But, I like my boobs and they looked awesome in that picture.

Fuckin’ haters. :cool:

I don’t believe you :slight_smile: