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New Thread for a New Year

1) This thread if for opinions and knowledge of women/men in general. Relationships, dating, situations, issues, sex…etc. I ask that everyone keep it REAL and not DUMB.:cool:

2) Don’t knock anyones opinion nor take it for full regard unless the majority agrees. Otherwise take it an mold it to your liking.:chat:

3) Make sure to look through the thread for situations that may be similar to yours. If you can’t a member shall just point out a post that has the answer you are looking for.:wow:

4) We have lady members, so respect their opinions and views please.:tup:

5) IF you feel uncomfortable expressing it within here, I am willing to answer it through PM.:shy:

6) Ignorant answers will be deleted as well as disses toward those that may have not walked your path.:nunchuck:

8) Please no “Post a Pic” reply. It will be deleted. ALONG WITH THAT–> sending pics of someone without their knowledge can lead to a ban… so think before doing so.:annoy:

9) If you want one member to answer your question, please state his or her name in the beginning. (ie hey ______insert trustworthy member…):pray:

10) Relationship questions should be given enough detail for those willing to help to understand (your age, length of time together, and issues at hand aka your an her fault) :sweat:

11) This is NOT a journal. Any day to day posting will be deleted and you will be warned.:zzz:

12) Trolling will get you an infraction and possible ban. So watch yourself.

13) THOSE THAT ARE DATING/IN A RELATIONSHIP with some that post on this site… please keep any “at home issues” off the site. I NOR any mod can help you other than infract/ban the both of you.

14) Remember we have a younger generation on this site now and folk viewing from all over. SEXUAL topics/issues please try to keep serious.

Good luck. I will try to answer as many as I can and hope srk’s finest will help also.:tup:


SRK Threads Ordered by Subject
SRK Lounge: aka Facebook/livejournal for GD ...or you know...not
SRK Lounge: aka Facebook/livejournal for GD ...or you know...not

Hopefully I can post relationship issues this year rather than "broad I’m messing with " issues

I am a man...and not afraid to admit that I am romantic
SRK Lounge: aka Facebook/livejournal for GD ...or you know...not

Happy new years everybody.

Continuing the trend in 2011 of me being an idiot…I’m convinced the cute girl who works at the gas station wants me. She turned on the air compressor for me after it ate my quarters.

Should I just…put it in?


Damn near 11 cups of punch (made with everclear and only god knows what else) on top of some 100 proof vodka, and whatever else, and I’m still faded as I type this out.

I weigh about a buck 29, so it feels gdlk when I out-drink Mike Haggar looking ass dudes.


Happy new years everyone, and remember although it’s great you don’t need a bf/gf at your side during the holidays to have a good time as long as you’re happy with yourself and/or in good company:party:

Had an amazing albeit weird, unexpected night and to top it off the woman I posted about finally got a new phone and called me at midnight and feels exactly the same way about me as I do about her. We’ve only talked for 2 of the 4 months we’ve known each other so I’m still talking to others but I seriously think we have a great future together or at least I can marry her and take half her shit and be set for life. =P


Glad everyone had a great new year… time for a new year… new things


Happy New year, I pray to succeed in college when I reenter the latter part of this year and on the ACT when I take it some point soon. I also pray to finally meet a nice girl before this year ends, I feel like I deserve someone honest and genuine as I am that way for the most part.


I’m excited for this year! Let’s do it bigger and better than 2011… Cause that shit sucked donkey dick for me.


May need to start posting in here again. But the negro is just in chill mode and stacking bread now but doesn’t hurt to check out opinions


Ok I’ll start it off. So I’ve been knowing this female for about a year. Met her in school, asked her out, she had a boyfriend, I backed off, they broke up, she looked me up. We’ve since gone on a couple of dates and everything’s gone really well. I’ll be leaving town soon and the last time we were out (a couple of days ago) I mentioned that I ski. She said maybe we should try to go skiing before I leave. I said well I’m not sure of any places near, the best thing I can think of would be to do it as a weekend getaway type thing, and she seemed fine with that.

To get right to the point. While I wouldn’t mind a ski weekend, I’m really not interested unless there’s fucking involved. I’m trying to think of the best way to find out if she’s DTF before I start making reservations.


A weekend away is relationship level shit…dont do it.

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If you keep messing around the way you do you wont find a quality woman…

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I know I rarely post here but here’s to 2012 and the “adventures” that await me



100% infact, I’d say you need to have been dating for a WHILE to even think about that kind of shit.

Well, back to something I said in…2009; at 30, which happens at the end of 2012, its done. Thats when I give it up, grab myself a ‘wife’ from PI, call it a day. Whats funny about it, is there are gonna be a few girls that will be WTF, to which I’ll answer, 'you dont need to worry about me…you have kids to worry about! Toodles!"

Thats, of course, if I havent messed up my “anti-girls with kids” snobbery by having this kid due in March be mine. All these years without having one though hopefully that ‘luck’ still shines through.


You got that right. I’ve always been one to take a passive approach to relationships but good things aren’t just gonna fall into my lap. I’ve never had a girlfriend but the fact that I never really put any effort into it is what really sucks. I’m gonna try and live this year by Just Do It. Seems Nike had it right from Day 1.


You need to smash before the ski trip, then if ski trip happens in the future you already know what you getting into. Sound like she might be setting you up for a free vacay trip on yo dollar with the no lovin assist.

If she is DTF this should happen b4 the trip.


‘‘I’m cool with the ski trip but truthfully don’t you think we’re moving a bit too fast, I mean we haven’t even fucked yet’’.

Unless going away for the weekend is nothing for you, at this stage in the ‘relationship’ you would be setting the bar too high. At minimum you need to let her now what things ( eg. sex) are beneath weekend trips away with one another.


Did you do what I pmed you to do? You will have a better picture if that circumstances you are in if you do.

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I did, but no results because my calls/texts didn’t go back far enough. I also dont get a bill with detailed call info since I use CrooKed.

It’s still going to be a huge mystery until then.


Just realized you only have 2 months to wait.
I guess march is going to be an interesting month.

RE: Phone you should try this out instead

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