The Relationship/Dating Thread: We will argue over your issue like we're your parents...even yell


Just wonder. I considered the 25 age range. Thats about the age a woman should be experienced but not run down with kids everywhere.

Gonna keep fighting the good fight til i find what im lookin for (I realize its near impossible)


I don’t like girls 10 or 7 years younger. Always too much of a generational gap for me. Doesn’t mean i wouldn’t bone them.

But really do you. Our generation is full of 30 somethings who focused on school and don’t have kids.

I mean in a more metropolitan area you find the 30 something independent women. Which is what i love. Well it is who i married.

Most of them are wifed up or cuffed up.

The ones who aren’t are usually going through divorce

Again the non-minority, non asians don’t get our emasculation and desexualization that mainstream media pushes

It’s to the point where an afam couple is seen as woke and progressive. Well except here in socal.

Really california is ahead of the game as far as asians getting women. But that’s more due to how many of us there are.

We live life normally. It’s just we do see the desparity and the treatment of our people in the mainstream. We see some girls turn into self hating racist.

Esther Ku is the asian Tommy Sotamayor

I do find it cool that females are checking asian dudes now. For that “good with money, makes money, family values, cute babies. Wow he is cute” as opposed to “cute for an asian”. A lot of it to goes to “he eats whatever and doesn’t complain”

Most break in with filipinos because we don’t fit that model minority myth and most of us are dickheads

But minority women who do that white worship bs are usually emotionally disturbed and vapid dead eyed bitches.

I want my asian people to not be this. To not be that “white worshiping” stereotype. I want asian as a preference for women to not be mocked.

But we have centuries of white people dictating to us what is beauty, what is status.

But asian men are by far the most successful group in north america, and women are starting to notice. And asian girls have started to notice that they have way more in common with an asian boy. That interethnic marriage is on the rise is due to all asians not looking alike.

And well us filipinos and chinese tend to be cleaning up picking up asians across the board and latinas. While korean and japanese dudes been scooping up more whites, blacks, latinas.

It is slow, but it is a change.

It’s not about preference. It is about a preference based in self hate.

Most asian guys stopped complaining about not dating. We hate that even though we succeed in the world we are still pigeon holed as sexless betas. This is because we live our lives from a lower position in the eyes of western society

So we persevere. We go to school. We work hard. And eventually we get over that shit that white mainstream tried to force on us that we are just passive little brown brothers.

We date because we see through that there are girls who like us.

We don’t want to date self hating racist. We want them gone we want them to stop. A patronizing documentary like the one natalie tran made needs a real response.

One with guys like eddie huang, daniel dae kim, kunal, kal penn, hell regular ass asian girls who date asian guys and clown on their racist friends who shit on asians, racist asians who shit on asians. Black women who date asians and focussing why they are at the bottom.

She said she gets negative post? Ask the women who post pictures of their asian boyfriend and all the death threats they get.

That would be interesting. Fair handed. And possibly going to take bitches out of their bubble.

Fuck i want to make that with viceland, eddie huang, and i need to do some shit.


From the Asian girls I talk to, a lot of them say they don’t like Asian guys because being of that race, they are more aware of the stereotypes and the shitty kinds of people that pervade their race. It’s really easy for a Filipino girl to be like, I don’t date Filipino guys because I KNOW they are like (insert descriptor).

White guys tend to be blank slate boyfriends that they integrate into their culture and family with generally no issues.


You can say that for any group of men though lol.


White supremacy is bad mkay kids we get white washed in films we don’t need it happening out in these streets son.


Nah they want to integrate into white culture

What you just typed sounds like a self hating filipina trying to justify her prejudice and racism

That last line has to be fucking trolling right? Usually the asian chick conforms to chicken fingers boring and square white dude. Usually white dude does not come to restaurants because he only likes american food.

It’s easier to integrate an asian into their family with little issue because of similar upbringing

Seriously all that shit you typed is exactly the mentality and bullshit that needs to stop.

I still think indian girls are the prettiest


Did I get shouted out


Can you stop making up blanket shit statements you see from TV shows lol. There is a lameo type of white dude that fits this stereo type but don’t apply that shit to most people. I think the real problem here is that low tier white dudes can still get decent/high tier Asian girls because of some weird Asian race rankings that still exist. But half the time those relationships with the lameo white dude never last because he won’t put in the effort or is too ignorant to know the difference. So by the time these dudes have kids the kids side with the mom and hate the father and once they’re old enough end up getting divorced.


It’s not the WHAT I care about, its the WHY. Stats only say Asians chicks like dating white guys, but they don’t say WHY they like dating them, which is the Crux of this whole discussion. Motovations are important. I’m not saying you’re 100% wrong that it’s internalized self hatred to blame, i never said that, but I don’t think that’s across the board what it is, whereas you want to paint everyone with a broad brush and be a racist against people you think are “stealing” women you feel entitled to date.

Answer me these questions:

If a black guy prefers to date white women, is he also guilty of internalized racism?

If a a white guy prefers black women, is he a victim of his own white guilt?

You obviously DO care if you typed up several paragraphs of vitriol. I’m not triggered, I’m just asking questions that you’re not answering because the I’d imagine the answers interfere with the narrative you and @dab00g have for why a group of women aren’t interested in you just because they share a genetic background with you and you feel like they should be.



Yes actually most black dudes who prefer to date white women have a complex of degrading their black women. Tommy Sotamayor made a career out of shitting on black women.

White guys dating out of their race usually because of a fetish. Also due to white guys being “the norm” white guys in interracial relationships are a form of the minorities attaining a sort of status

Just saying, you should explore guys like rich chan. The history of asian americans being emasculated, desexualized, and mocked in western society for centuries. Just 60 years ago colored men couldn’t marry whites.

So we had a small choice of women, and white men did not want to see asians date. Now the white man can take war brides and most asians who fought in ww2 finally could have an asian partner.

We pretty much were looked at as low tier partners back then. This is why asian american women 50 and up are in interracial relationships. This is why amy tan’s books were about integrating into white society and how asian men are all abusive.

This is why shit like miss saigon perpetuate the white savior bullshit

Asian men are seen as perpetual outsiders

Asian women seen as prizes (war bride things)

America treated asians as a menace, the yellow peril. In california, oregon, and washington asians were lynched like blacks in the southeast

But just the men, for fucking white women.

Specifically filipinos were ran out for dressing nice and banging white girls. We had no choice. But women were prized and treated as prizes

Men treated as invaders and garbage

So here’s your answer

Asian women are oblivious to their privilege 9/10 times

Asian men fully aware of the bs

It trickles down and we resent the women who discard us simply for eating rice and having the same ethnicity

Watch tommy sotamayor videos in which he trashes black women and generalizes them.

We don’t care who asian women date. We just want the internalized self hate and bigotry to stop.

This new generation is better than the last as far as dating honestly.

I never had a problem. Asian girls were easy for me. But i always ran into self hating asian bitches.

There is also things of self hate when it comes to light to dark skin.

Again you seem fully ignorant to minority issues.

You either got white privelege blinding you or are that dumb to see how much white people fucked shit up for the rest of us


I am not making blanket statements. That is why i said with your respect and understanding of other you are alright. Most of whitey in ir i see are usually hating anything not whitebread boring. The ones who dive in are usually good dudes. This goes for any ir couple. You have to dive in and embrace your partner’s culture. The difference between chinese and filipino is many, but there are many similar sentiments. Usually the asian girl abandons all of their culture and blends into whiteness. I hope you’ve avoided these asians who say “i love white guys because you are normal not like lame fucking asians” because they tend to be fucked in the head

Go to that hapa reddit. Usually the kid sides with the half dominant in the relationship until high school or college when they realize they will never be white enough Also usually the dad is a racist who hated everything about asian culture except the women and beer. They harbor hate for the mom for having those same racists beliefs as the husband. And then the kid grows up bitter with only their usually asian grandparents as positive influences.

I love me hapa girls though, they have a kind of complex.

Also my whole white=right thing isn’t just about asian girls. It’s minority girls who say “whites only. Not mixed. Not white washed. Just white. Sorry don’t judge me, just my preference”

Usually those are broken bitches

The phenomenon is due to centuries of making us look inept and in media making us look like jokes (shit like 2 broke girls especially)

I don’t look at ken jeong in hangover as a joke, he was a gangster who ran drugs internationally

The dentist character was a joke on how white people with yellow fever would fuck mr miyagi in a wig though since he got railed by the newhalf.

But yeah. As asian men we deal with bs that is conditioned over centuries and only now in this generation of asian americans are we breaking that barrier

Natalie Tran made a selfish af deluded documentary on how she was tired of people shitting on her relationship and ended with “asian guys need to get over it. Look how happy all these wmaf couples are”


The white skin love is very real for Asians all over Asia.

In India the thirst for white skin is insane. Since most guys have zero game/massive thirst they usually settle for even the shittiest white girl they see. It’s even more amplified for the womens as anything white is usually…right. I studied in French-Indian college here with 30% whites in and that shit was amplified and so easy to see/exploit. Most kids who had zero game had to be told they can get Indians chicks on the virtue of their skin and even then they’re even surprised when they do. Although the auto rejection is also pretty high here due to severe self esteem issues chicks here have. Can’t blame them, the ratio is fucked up and men are usually heavily spoiled/subdued by their family.

However if you’re an Indian/Asian with proper fundamentals, good hygiene, life goals and shit, it’s very easy to stand out from the herd. Still you’ll need all that just to compete with the white bretherns on an equal level. It’s gets real easier once you start though. Very few people try or go the whole way when there is an arranged marriage right around the corner.

Younger Asian people in general are very open to assimilating to western culture.

Asians and Blacks have it even harder here. 1-9 matchup straightup.

*Have only read this page yet so basing my answer on this. Gonna catch up with the prev pages later.

So so so so so average.

  • Self Esteem issues

  • Media Projection

  • White = Luxury = First World Life = Money = Way Out

  • Movies heavily promoting white skin as beauty standards

  • White People = More open about sex and stuff = Indian men achilles heels

  • Indian men and Asians in general suffer from a weird situation where sex outside marriage is heavily discouraged by society and family however once you marry there is an intense pressure to have kids. White men and women are usually consider “free” or rather ahead/casual in that department and is their way out/relief.

  • Perception: Indian sex = Marriage expectations, White sex = Casual.

  • Bragging Rights

  • Seriously though: Bragging Rights.


*Re: Race and dating

This goes far beyond just asian women with white males and furthermore dating itself. There’s very deep sociological issues when it comes to minorities in the united states and the “white ethnic ideal”, internalized racism, “cultural traitors” and similar issues. There seems to be, and have been, divisiveness within racial and ethnic groups about preserving cultural identity. Look at the work by Amy Tan that daboog mentioned, The Color of Water, Two Mrs Gibsons, Oscar Wao etc and you’ll see this conflict about identity, cultural preservation, social norms and societal expectations pop up. Whether it be related to who they date, how they talk, the things they like, how others perceive them or how they perceive white people, you’ll see that minorities deal with a level of sociological scrutiny and expectations that non-minorities find difficult to really understand the gravitas of.

Simply put the issue of people dating exclusively outside their race, or inside their race, is an issue in itself that nests a cavalcade of other race and culture centric subtopics.


IMO there are things about race that need to go away date whomever you want

But base it on merit

Fuck i fall for it too, i like asian girls who could be considered mixed. Just because it’s ingrained as far as beauty norms thanks to society telling me what is and isn’t.

We all have some bias, but degrading people based on skin color or ethnicity is bullshit and it’s what minority women do 10/10 look at the stats

I just like the uptick in black girls/asian dudes since those groups are low and now seeking each other out. It’s cool how things shift.

But honestly you need to remove yourself from that white privelege

Everywhere got colonialized and forced into this


I get that but honestly a big part of it has to do with this weird Asian ranking system people have. Like the viet girl I dated talked about how in their culture they rank cultures going all the way down to Asian societies. Like Viet vs Jap vs Flip vs Korean etc…Forget like white it was all status stuff. But the thing that’s weird to me is that it actually starts in their own culture. But I guess that’s kind of the definition of white privilege too is someone who has the convenience to be oblivious to this stuff. The thing for me as a white guy is I just don’t like being blame for something I didn’t contribute too or know anything about but that is literally the definition itself lol.

And actually @dab00g I met this white dude dating asian girl that was super similar to the person you described the other night and I thought about this conversation. He was all hot dogs and hamburgers, hates ethnic food/soy sauce/rice etc… made me think like, why the fuck would you be with someone in that culture if that’s your mentality.


I don’t know how common this is, but most of the vanilla-fever asian girls I know have commented on the fact that when they have dated asian guys, the guy’s moms were always super bitchy and disapproving, while the white moms were either very accepting or just indifferent.
I think it may be because they were ‘jungle asian’ girls dating ‘fancy asian’ guys, as they put it.


After effects of colonialism and the fact that America/Western civilisation have been more or less seen as the world leaders in the previous few decades. Imho internet and how it makes you connected globally is the biggest equalizing factor that new generation of asians have. The baggage gets reduced every generation but it’s still there.

Also asians in general are very racists but it’s just between each other compared to other races :lol:

Most Asians parents have very large extended families and the show off/status reveal is Game of Thrones tier of competition. Plus unlike western families, the involvement, influence and concern asian parents have on their kids persists way after the kids leave house for education/work. Asian kids rebel period is not limited to teenager years and also extend beyond.


Was talking to a platonic lady friend of mine. Topic came up about exes, told her i got dumped then how my ex tried to find out if I was seeing anyone new.

Chick says some women do that to see if youre miserable so they can laugh or get their feelings hurt if find out you’ve moved on.

Wtf? Thats straight up crazy there. Why care about what someone else has going if you don’t want them?


There is a heigharchy in the bs system between asians.

With wifey’s family if i wasn’t 1/4 chinese i don’t think i would be as openly accepted. Being dark and big also does me no favors. This is in spite of me being a pharmacist and being financially stable/responsible. They still give me the stink eye.

When a white guy or really when a guy dates a girl for it to work the guy has to be able to accept that girl for what she is and embrace her culture. I see people throwing away their culture/interests to conform to their partner. Usually the white guy who refuses ethnic food, going to family gatherings, hanging with her friends.

When i met this white dude who wifey’s friend complains and gushes over he was lame. Abrassive, drank too much and he wouldn’t touch the kebabs. Who does not ear kebabs?

I mean when i dated that italian girl i didn’t refuse her food. I didn’t refuse to hang out with her friends. I didn’t tell her “can we do normal things”

She also had yellow fever. And we met in confirmation class in church.

This seems to be a westerner thing of pushing your idea of normal

I mean i love a great hamburger, but i can also love jelly fish and pig intestines