The Relationship/Dating Thread: We will argue over your issue like we're your parents...even yell




Dude we been dating since high school got her a big ass engagement ring, and we bought wedding bands

Asian Americans yo…

I like wearing the ring even though i hate wearing rings. Helps the inscriptions are nice

Hers says i choo-choo-choose you
Mine says Don’t forget her forever

Yes i convinced her to use simpson quotes on our wedding bands


Nearly five months since this bitch did me dirty and I’m still mad.

Her conduct is what’s still pissing me off. Lied to my face like it was as normal as breathing. Attacked my character afterwards like I was a bum or something. Acting like she isn’t a trifling turned out side bitch. Can’t get through it.


That’s what I mean though. If you didn’t still care about her on some level I doubt any of that stuff would piss you off as much as it seems like it has.


im gonna add this soundbite to my ringtones and the next time i break up with a girl in person im gonna sound this ringtone.

“uh…yeah, stacy…even though we’ve been dating for 5 months, um, im not feeling it anymore. i’m dumping you.”



Peaced it up with my ex a few months ago after legit wishing all kinds of bad shit on her for almost a year, but actually had a chat with her last night about what went wrong with us. Felt good to do a quick post-mortem, no hard feelings or anything.


That’s good. It’s probably easier to do something like that later on because everything’s too raw right after you break up, so it makes it harder to have a constructive discussion, especially if things didn’t end so well.


No, it’s more the fact that I let her get off scot fucking free, how I forgave her thinking it would help me to forget about her. How I simped by responding to her bull shit “I miss you” text instead of blocking her completely after I ended things. I should’ve let her ass rot, but I let her get the satisfaction of transferring that fuck shit energy back to me, as well as seeing me broken. Most of all, letting her get away with the fake facebook account shit.


From Slim Shady to Marshall Mathers 2018. Nice man.


Ex hit me up asking can we start over. Funny, a few months ago, she friend zoned me, curved me lowkey and seemed to enjoy leading me on thinkin we will get back together (all of whuch she denies doing)

Now conveniently as I get a new promotion at work and find a new attractive female to date, ex wants to get in full compliance and work things out. How sway

True what they say about people always wanting what they can’t have


I hope your response was…



It’s funny. How people don’t care to see or value the potential in others. They only care for what you got or can do right now. So they pass you bye. But once that potential is realized and you making big moves now. Only then do they realize what kind of person they could have had in their lives.

People need to wise up and start looking for people who don’t just simply have money and what not. But the characteristics that make it possible to succeed. I.E Ambition, focus, discipline, etc.


Been steadily increasing my funds, personality and skillset to the point where chicks have no choice but to notice the moves and get in line or get left. I legit have my picks and chooses.

Honestly, the last 2 years have been phenomenal for me dating wise bar a few mishaps. Its like after shit ended horribly with my ex in 2016, it lit a fire under me to prove she was wrong which evolved to me just wanting to better myself for myself instead of others


Why do chicks get out of shape over the course of a marriage, get cheated on because of this reason, and then when the marriage over, do overtime in the gym?

I think it’s retarded, because when they are with the initial guy, they think it’s okay to get sloppy, yet, by going hard in the gym once it’s over by his cheating, they’ve basically acknowledged that he was right. They want to show him what he’s missing out on now, when they were never willing to do it while with him. Hmmmm.

Just food for thought. That’s that female rationale.


The guy also gets fat

You think that the guy cheats because she gets fat?

The guy cheats because he’s a piece of shit

DJ Envy got pegged because his wife wouldn’t assfuck him he had to go elsewhere

Dj envy is a piece of shit no matter what


Just needed an excuse to go in on DJ Envy huh?


Hey dj envy is a piece of shit who cheated on his wife and is staying in the pool house because he didn’t have a pre-nup and she basically can take all his shit because he was outed

But yeah if you are looking to cheat it is not because she got fat. Most likely you were cheating because you are a piece of shit who doesn’t value loyalty, relationships, or trust.

Fuck you

You know why couples get fat? Because they are comfortable and because we don’t judge the one we love. But that’s why you get active hobbies like me and wifey go to muay thai and bjj together. She is a killing machine

Sounds like you are justiying cheating on your fat wife


If you’re talking to me, I’m not married.

I saw a post elsewhere. Made me think. This happens often. Regardless why he cheated, if the man does it, woman always try to make herself look way better than she did for him.

So fuck you.

I’m not as noob as you may think. Your posting has never worked on me. Tell me, are you still mad when physically superior Latino and blacks are with Asians, but feel inadequate and jealous when a white guy is? Are are you over yourself yet? It’s been a while, faggot.

Edit: LOL @ the censor.


Smasher? Nah i am not mad at black people or whitey

I just acknowledge that whitey has the biggest advantage in life thanks to coloniAlism and the white washing of media

Of course newly single people try to look better

In a relationship looks take a backseat to reliability and it is about being with that person

You just seem to be in a “watched it on youtube so.”

Kind of space like pro trumpers


There’s an old joke, “Why do brides smile so big when walking down the isle? Because they know as of that day, they don’t have to give blowjobs anymore.” People get comfortable, but are also afraid to have difficult conversations and mates letting themselves go is a difficult one. Daboog’s simplistic answer aside, cheating is, at best, an immature way to force a difficult discussion if you get caught. Someone willing to let themselves go and then tell you to go fuck yourself when you bring it up should have the decency to let you get some strange on the side. But you’d have to bring it up in my opinion, you shouldn’t just do it.

As for DJ Envy, look at him. He’s 40, has been with the same chick since he was in high school and probably didn’t get to fuck around much because of that so of course he’s going to want to cheat. He’s probably going thru the most nightmare of midlife crises in that he has money and notoriety, and wants to fuck other women but can’t because he’s married. Or well, can’t without getting reamed for it.