The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

what do you guys know about the faiths of the many popular superheroes out there?

I dug deep into something interesting according to this weird website

Here is a list of some of the higher tier heroes
Superman Methodist
Spider-Man Protestant
Batman Episcopalian/Catholic
Wonder Woman Greco-Roman Classical Religion
Aquaman Greco-Roman Classical Religion
The Hulk Catholic
Captain America Protestant
Invisible Woman Episcopalian
Nightcrawler Catholic
Shadowcat Jewish
Daredevil Catholic
Hawkman Egyptian classical religion
The Thing Jewish
The Atom Jewish
Zatanna Dianic Wiccan
Elektra Greek Orthodox

Batman is an Atheist, he has said so. Many characters have commented on how interesting they find the choice, considering he fights ALONGSIDE, and AGAINST Gods, Demons, and Angels.

that list is SPECULATIVE at best.

Superman, for example, was created by two JEWS, to be the ideal Jewish messiah character.

Furthermore, I don’t think religious threads are allowed HERE, anymore than they are allowed in General.

It’s fun. And there are some characters whose religion is an important part of who they are, like Nightcrawler and Matt Murdock , so it’s germane.

Pre-Crisis Kryptonians revered their sun, and Supes was no different.

I understand where you are going but the difference here it isnt a war debate of whose religion is better. I just wanted to post something that I found was strange while going through the net.

Arg, another judgement call… The thread is fine so long as this doesn’t go the way of this religion is better than yours or evolution, buddhism, shintoism is the truth and so on. So long as it remains talking about comic book characters its all good.

fair enough.

There’s debate that the Power Pack is Mormon, despite no concrete evidence.

Nightwing is a Contempoary Christian of some denomination, or at least has an interest in it, as he owns a NIV Bible, and listens to a lot of Christian Rock.

I think the only reason Nightwing owned a Bible and DC Talk albums was because Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel are Christians and they probably thought it’d be funny to toss those details in the backgrounds. But I don’t know. Who knows what Nightwing really believes?

I always assumed Superman worshiped Rao. Back in the day, when Superman got upset and felt the need to unleash a choice religious epithet, he’d be all, “Great Rao!” and “By Rao!” and so on. Likewise, Perry White worshiped Great Caesar’s Ghost. I think it’s also possible they both worshiped Cyclops at some point, because sometimes they say, “Great Scott!”

King Peacock from Top Ten is Yezidi. It’s some sort of ancient religion that involves devil worship, or something that nonbelievers think is devil worship.

Peregrine from Top Ten is a Protestant Christian.

Conan the Barbarian worships Crom.

I read an interview with Chuck Dixon where he said the reason they tossed those in, was because it kinda makes sense.

I kinda agree.

Jesse Custer: Uhm…that’s a tough call.

  • Magneto is most likely Jewish but may be a Gypsy.
  • Wolverine is an Atheist but has been a Buddhist and a Protestant in the past.
  • Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the Assassins (who where an actual Medieval Islamic death cult wiped out by the Mongols. In the DC universe, the Assassins are just Ra’s al Ghul’s goons that carry out his agenda)
  • Cable is a member of some future religion that I forgot the name of.
  • Apocalypse believes in transhumanism and social Darwinism.
  • Alfred is Episcopalian/Anglican
  • Ogami Itto is a devout Zen Buddhist.


While Cyclops screams Jesus Christ! during his Gene Splice uppercut.

Moon Knight is jewish from what I remember but now worships Khonshu.

Cable is Askani

Ragman is Jewish
Zauriel is Christian

WHOA, wow.

I’m actually quoted on the website.

look for Joel Weinberg (Houston) under Jewish Superheroes.

I’m “Mrblisterfists”.


what about Spawn

Spawn’s religion is: whiny cunt.

Heaven is a messed up place in Spawn land so his religion is WANDA! :rofl:

Venom, Eddie Brock is catholic.

Mr. Terrific is atheist.

you know what that joke never gets old :lol: :rofl: some of the characters though were a bit strange like bibleman. I kind of sort of knew about the hero but wow i mean wow.

Joker’s Religion is Batman…:lol:

true that.

and Harley’s religion is Joker.

as evidenced by her prayer in NML: “Joker is God, Amen”.

And oh yeah of course Nightwing is religous. That’s why he was saying “Holy ____!” all the time back when he was Robin. :looney:

Mephisto is a Bible-thumping southern baptist.