The "Report Post" function works, use it (seriously, use it)

I’m not saying that if your feelings got hurt that you should run to it, but the “revamped” Report Post function makes dealing with stupidity so much easier. If you see something, help us help you by hitting the report button.

Spamming this button will get you banned. Only use it if there are actual problems.

To tightly paraphrase a PM I got:
Our community is very passionate and there are a lot of great people. But unfortunately there’s a minority that tend to harass other people. A few bad apples ruin the bunch, as they say. I think if we eliminate this chunk of the community that ruins the experience for others SRK will be a better place.

Help us help you: use the Report Post button.

We can’t be everywhere at once, that’s what you guys are for. If you see some shithead fucking up a thread you’re in, report it.

Also, don’t fucking reply to the fucking trolls. All this will do is put you in our crosshairs too. As much as you’d like to bring back the FGD of 200X, we can’t do that anymore. Hold your tongue, and hit report.