The Results of Mayn Event V

Capcom v SNK 2 Teams
11 Teams, 22 people total

1st: Julian aka Snake, Dr Bot
– R3 Sagat, R1 Vega – CGroove

2nd: VDO, RedDevilNinja
– R2 Geese, R2 Blanka/Cammy – PGroove

3rd: AVX, Kevin WSU
– R2 Sakura, R2 ??? – AGroove

Most 1 Man Kills
VDO, RedDevilNinja = 4

The rest to follow tomorrow.

–Judgment Day

DenJIN! GJ in CvS Julian, wish we coulda watched the finals.

Sweet tourney sums it all up; details to come laters (just got back to Cle).

Who won third strike?

That was a great time! I got creamed, but I really want to know who won.

Ghaleon won 3rd Strike using Ryu.
Grego took 2nd using mostly Oro.
Ghettoontherise from Indy took 3rd. He played Urien and Dudley from what I saw.

Ghetto also took the $50 money match from 3rd Strike and CvS2 (that was $75)

I still have a busy day ahead of me. Once I get home from bowling, I will post more detailed results along with the future of this tournament series.

Nice! I was hoping Ghal, Grego or the guy playing Elena would take it. Those are some results I like to see.

good shit in 3S ghaleon, i look forward to seeing the rest of the results. how many people entered cvs2 and 3S in singles?

and what’s up with bhaskar and cullen?


Haha. Thank you very much. I’m the Elena player.

I got the ‘honerable mention’ 4th place but hey, I lost close matches to my good buddies Dave & Chris so I’m alright with that. I never got to play Greg O. but I play Oro too sometimes so I should have gotten a practice match with him. Oh well, another time maybe.

Dan: 3s was 14 people I think, CvS2 looked huge.


Rikc – Keep up with that Elena man, good meeting you. I was worried about our first match – Elena is a good matchup against Ryu. Hope to seeya at MWC or one of the OH tournies maybe.

TKK – That Denjin is too much!! Work those overheads too and Ryu’s mixup becomes supreme fierceness. If you still wanted to visit Cle, PM me (I’m GhaleonUnlimited on AIM, but I’m not on too much) and we’ll see what we can work out.

That Ryu I played after the tourney who whupped me as I taught him the kara throw: sorry I didn’t get your name man, but glad to see Ryu getting some major attention in Michigan. Keep it up dude.

Ft Wayninites – great job coming in and representing for Indy in 3s and CvS2. Sucks we aren’t closer, I’d be hanging out w/ you guys like every week. Good times, good times. Definitely forming a Indy/OH alliance for future tourneys!!!

Judgement Day – you guys (everyone who helped run things/take vids/etc) definitely made the tourney worth the drive. The raffe tickets are a great idea that I bet tournies will be stealing in the future. Thanks too for the nice winners packet you put together. Hope I see your crew at more tournies + next year’s Mayn. Wish we woulda got to play more – I read all up on Alex just for you and Julian, lol.

Grego, please, you gotta start keeping that Oro on the ground man :frowning: 3s is not Marvel. Risk vs. reward and all that. /paul lee
GJ taking out my dude Dave :slight_smile: and making Ryu play the patience game, something he doesn’t do too often.

Everyone was really cool, thanks for having us up there. I hope some of you MI guys travel to our Ohio events, rare as they are. Might be one in June in Columbus, and ECC weekend there’s a 3s tourney at the GG event in C-bus too.

Elena overhead – 11 frames
Dudley overhead – 12 frames (7 frames? lol, I told you guys!!)
Almost everyone else (Ryu, Akuma, Alex, Urien, etc) besides Ken – 14 frames

All i got to say, version b machine, 90 percent of my time training was wasted playing at petes.

Please read this post.

Basically it’s about the immediate and distant future, and about me (a little). Bottom line is that there will more than likely be another. Basically the mindset is to benefit as many people as possible in addition to those who are skilled at it. Ideas that’ll work.

However, if I choose to have another CvS2 singles, there’s some major reformatting I need to do. Otherwise, I’m proud of how 3rd Strike and Tekken 5 (especially) went.

Just wanted to say props to Judgement Day for throwing these tournaments and bringing people into Pinball Pete’s. Your an asset to the community. Also congratulations to the winners of all the tournaments.

So you got 2nd place playing on 10% of your ability? And you spent 90% of your time training for an unblockable that isn’t even essential to playing your character when you could have used Tengu Stone juggles the whole day? That’s pretty extreme and kind of a diss to everyone you played at the tourney.

Did i say that, or are you an asshole? All I said was 90% of my time training was spent on unblocs, so take it how you want. I dont know how often you play oro, probably never, but unblocs are important in alot of my match ups.

Knowing plenty about Oro, I’m sorry that’s all you trained how to do. Oro isn’t Urien, you don’t have to use unblockles to play good 3s with him. I coudn’t get Denjin traps to come out so I just picked SA1 and did like 0 Shinkuus if you noticed.

I shouldn’t have said anything, but I thought you could have given some props to me or Dave or the people who ran the tourney so you could win some bucks. I know what’s it’s like to put time and effort into something cool and people just bitch. I understand a small gripe but c’mon dude, everyone had shit to adjust to. If I woulda lost I wouldn’t have blamed the cabs, but 3s standard is convex buttons with P360s on a showcase/vs. cab. The perfect environment is never in the cards, you have to work with what you’re given.

Just come to a major, Ohio or Indy tourney with those unblockables in that case. (Not at all dissing MI comp, you guys are an awesome bunch.)

Why would you do Oro unblockables when Tengu Stone is pretty much instant win off of an uppercut punch -> chicken combo?

Some shoutouts:

First off good matches to everyone I played. Every tournament I go to I learn more and more about specific tactics I’ve never seen before, and their place in a matchup. I learned plenty of things that will serve me well in future tournaments.

Julian - Man you destroyed me in CvS2. It kinda sucks because I’m getting worse, and you’ve gotten a lot better. I need to really sit down and work on playing that game so I don’t get destroyed next time. Good matches.

VDO - I didn’t get to see you play much, but I did see your first match against somebody in Tekken where King was doing half life just throwing people to the ground and ground throwing them to death :rofl: Good stuff, hope to see you and Julian at midwest.

Everybody that was playing Marvel - You guys plays some really screwy teams. That’s real awesome though cause everybody nowadays plays the standard msp/mss. You guys knew your teams, and that was cool. Good games.

All the third strike players - GG’s to everybody I played. I learned quite a bit about this game from everybody playing. I hope I see all of you at midwest.

TKK - Thanks for the props man. I actually think I have gotten better since last year, but I still have a ways to go. You, VDO, and Julian will have to teach me how to play CvS2. Watching you guys play was madness. I’ll see you at midwest.

Well that’s it. Great tournament Eugene. As usual, I’m glad I made the long crazy trip up to play. Hopefully next year we’ll have a giant following from Indiana (it would have been bigger, but a lot of our newer players are out of the state because they are home from college). Are you going to midwest? I hope you do. Also, let me know your evo plans.

Thanks And I had a BLAST at this tourney,I didn’t feel THAT well playing so I wasn’t able to do my best in third strike OR cvs2 (I actually didn’t pick up in the tourney untill the end) but still I was proud of the results!!! Me julian and VDO been having them kinda results for like 5years now with that game!!! anyway I will see you at midwest,I JUST took the time off from my job yesterday so I am a fa-sure to be there,The only thing now is cause I’ve NEVER really ALONE drove that far,I"m tryin to get me a t.v in my ride anyway let me know if you guess need any help or whatever getting there.PEACE

At the risk of restarting a big argument (which is not my intention here) I’d just like to know more info about version B on the arcade. I never knew such a thing existed. Is it exactly like the DC version or something? And is there a noticeable way to tell, like the title screen saying version B or anything?

anybody have the top 3 in cvs2 singles?