The Resurrection of GameFAN Magazine

Kind of surprised to see there’s not already a thread about this here, since I know SRK is home to many fans of the magazine.

So yeah, if you haven’t heard yet, GameFan is coming back. Well, actually, it’s going to be a double-sided mag: GameFan/MovieFan. Rob Duenas (Art Director), has said that the first issue is done, printed, and shipping to retailers as of last week. He also shared some art from the premiere issue:

Personally I have mixed feelings about it. Back in the day, GameFan was my favorite gaming publication hands down. Its staff almost single-handedly shaped my taste in videogames, which, for the most part, still holds true for me today. I even followed Play off and on for a while since it was pretty much the same team, though I never seemed to enjoy it as much as I did GameFan. And for those of you who aren’t aware, Play recently went under and Fushion went bankrupt, leaving a lot of the staff unpaid and, as some would put it, screwed over once again by the Dave. Then out of nowhere, Dave Halverson (Original founder of GameFan & Play) announces that he’s bringing GameFan back. Normally I try to avoid the behind-the-scenes drama in things like this; it kind of ruins it for me. But to be honest, it really sucks that these videogame journalists I’ve followed for so long have been dealt a bad hand. Admittedly, though, another part of me is like, “Wow, fucking GameFan is coming back”.

There’s a recent interview on BitMob with Halverson here. He talks a bit about what happened with Play and some on the new GameFan.

So how do you feel about it, SRK? I think I’m going to pick up the first issue and see how I like it. It may not be the same GameFan without all the old staff, but then again if it’s even half as good as the old mag, well, that’s better than most of the crap we get in print nowadays. Either way I’m interested in seeing how this turns out.

I still have their old strategy/walkthrough guide with Street Fighter EX on the cover. That’s all I have from them, though.

I’m dying of laughter right now. I won’t go into the drama and backstory but the failure of Play was only a matter of time. And while my sympathies go out to my former coworkers who stuck it out from gamers republic to play, I have to wonder just how many times do they have to be screwed by DH before they wise up?

A string of failed publications… yet somehow the money to start again keeps appearing? It seems like the only people who lose out when one of DH’s mags fails are the employees.

Enjoy gamefan, if it gets off theground and for however long DH can manage to keep it afloat. I have no interest in buying it.


Dave Halverson is a douchebag, that is all.

Blade Kitten? Pfft. Look at this game. It has kat girls with a cute mascot fighting robots with a flying robot sword. Look it’s got plataforming and it’s from Japan. Get that Gold Dave Halverson Award ready guys.



Who is this magazine’s audience?

Lord, isn’t SSF4 coming out this month?

And a biased reviewer, to boot. The man’s a dipshit. I hope this fails.

Dr. B is unbiased and objective 24/7. (I almost typed biased and unobjective. :rofl:)

If it isn’t this then I’m not getting it.

I am interested in blade kitten, but SSF4 definitely deserves the cover more than that.

is gamefan the mag that had that blue guy with a tv head? if so, that was te only good gaming magazine EVER and this rocks.

AC/SMB - Do we buy it? Yes or No.

Christ how’d they get back?

I still have that one copy of GameGo, which only lasted, well, one issue.


Yes and yes. I had 3 years worth of issues, and had to part with many of them…but I kept all the megafan isues, the capcom fighters guides (ds, nw, jd, a1, a2), and my favorite regular issues. If this shit can come back in full force, complete with import game reviews and the same or a similar layout, I will HAVE to buy it again.

Oh, by the way, guys…i’ve had this site bookmarked for a couple weeks now, just in case they had re-launched their old site, but I don’t think this is them. Does anyone else know?

I loved Gamefan. The two I read where Gamefan and EGM. I read play some but something about that mag felt really pandering. It rubbed me wrong. I liked the BIG screen shots they had for their games though. I remember EGM was supposed to be coming back. When the hell is that shit happening I really need to bathroom reading material back.

That site doesn’t have anything to do with GameFan or the old crew, but the people who created it were big fans of the magazine. THey just happened to be lucky enough to swipe up the domain after it expired.

Yeah, was pretty much the best magazine back in the day. I pretty much stopped getting mags a while after they went under. While I wouldn’t mind having the magazine back, I have two problems with it:

1- Gaming magazines are useless because of the internet.
2- I highly doubt it will be the same or anything like it used to be.

I’ll pick up the first copy for sure, but I’m keeping my excitement in check.

I would like to see new magazines tailored specifically to the ipad/phone/droid/etc download market. save a ton on printing, paper, distribution, etc. I would take a real digital “magazine” over the ign web site any day of the week.

That’s up to u.

But no one here should make the mistake of thinking that this new gamefan is going to be like the one they remember from back in the day.

IMO DH went into the gamemag business for his love of games, but his willingness to throw people under the bus and to compromise his integrity ruins his business ventures.


Pandering is exactly the word I would use.

Anyway it is monumentally hard for a print publication to be profitable with such a small audience that is both hardcore enough to want to buy a subscription and has the disposable income to do so.

While the number of casual gamers has grown exponentially in the past decade, those numbers do not translate to magazine subscriptions.

And there is the internet…

U reap what u sow

Yea. It was like they would have a huge cover spread of Disgaea2 and call it the best game of the year and that everyone who knew what good games where should play it when really Dis2 was a great game that really only appeals to a small majority of gamers who love grinding. Like it just felt like a super irresponsible mag that was happy to lead people into to purchases the majority of them would absolutely hate all for some hard core gaming cred or something. What made GameFAN awesome was that though would rate a really good niche game highly but also say the games no for everyone and say why. PLAY didn’t do that.

When I read reviews and impressions, I look for insight on the games being looked at. I don’t want over-inflated scores or some bonehead with no taste (Sonic 2006 got like 9.5/10) given free reign to publish a poorly-formed opinion in the hopes it will make people follow his agenda.

Seriously, Dave Halverson is an asshole of the highest caliber. He deserves ridicule, yet he keeps finding money to publish personal propaganda under the guise of thoughtful game reporting. It’s disgusting. Fuck him, fuck Gamefan, fuck Play, and fuck Kotaku because you KNOW they’re going to be all over this shit (birds of a feather).

Fuck Dr. B, but in the Mad Sexy ass. No homo.