The Return of America!

No one plays with him anymore because they like ther MSP or Cable Sent etc…, but I 'm bringin him back. Here the real America click here: [media=youtube]ClQstQuKvew&NR[/media]


ur cap is okay but try to use more cartwheels…

well, I’m using Cap America in my team for a low tier tourney we’ll have here. My team is Cap America/Morrigan/Gambit. I’ve got some good results playing with this team (always vs low tiers).

I’ve set some good combos (dmg>100):
a simple one - call gambit, lk, lk, hk, cards hits, final justice
the good damage - lk, lk, call Gambit, hk, charging star, cards hits, final justice

I’ve noticed that I lack a bit of knowledge about him, do you guys think he can beat other low tiers? How does Cap America changes without shield?

ps: all gods plus Cyke, Doom, Psy, Capcom, BH, Tron, IM are banned in this tourney.

Yes he can he doesn’t really lack in any area other than speed. I don’t see how losing his shield is a problem because it is very hard to lose thanks to the homing property it has. IIRC he loses 30% of his power without it and obviously some range on his punches.

Fun Fact: The last hit of Final Justice never scales no matter how many hit came before it, which is cool if he could actually combo past 6 hits into his supers.:sweat:

or if you jump cancel lp;shield……puts on corner

Do you mean tiger knee Shield Throw?

Hot Cap combos and resets. Check um out.
The Flapp Files

Vkuwabara these combos are for you. Peace Bro.

Stop spamming that link or I will inform HJ.

Relax bro. Learn how to play first then state a opinion. Baby steps. That’s how it works. Anytime you won’t to get down Bro let’s go!

then i’ll step in for him

instead of posting the same link in 20 different character sections just post the combo vids in fighting game discussion or another appropriate location

it’s good that you’re making vids and sharing them, but a lot of this shit isn’t very good, i recommend stepping out for a bit and just putting together one compilation vid that has your best shit in it rather than 30843287832743 vids that are all sub par

But my best stuff in game play. Anyone want to play? Thanks that is a good idea though.

oh man, it’s the same combo I’m doing with Cap.Am…
there are some interesting low tier combos, nice

s. fierce xx jab dragon punch is golden

I’d say the best basics are to otg with HK charging star and linking into Hyper Stars & Stripes on the ground

Captain America has a very respectable mix-up game once he actually has a chance to GET TO the opponent (his double jump helps, mind you). The only thing is, he needs an assist to shake fear into the opponent that would make them want to even consider blocking long enough for you to instill confusion with his cartwheel goodness. Off the bat, yep, I think of tron…also, I think of sent’s drones, storm’s projectile, ken’s aa, sabretooth’s projectile assist…something that would allow you to eat a hit if necessary and take the opponent into a comboxxfinal justice dhc for the kill. The cartwheel is virtually safe for it would allow you to be opposite of your assist, guaranteeing safety of a snap to assist kill

Think of it, you would be guessing everytime this guy touches you: is he going to continue attacking, is he going to tick throw, is he going to cartwheel and force you to change your direction of block w/ his tron assist trailing behind you (ouch) or what have you. The key would be to employ his cartwheel in the most random situations:

-after launch for the reset
-after 1…2…3…4 blocked normals (yeh, he can perform lp, lk, mk, hk chain rather than the usual 3hit string you usually see in play)
-heck, do his light,light/med,fierce string and let them block, cartwheel in and repeat
OR block and call assist to see what happens
OR do nothing to see how they react
OR simply throw into assist

Oh yeah, and I’m confused as to why I see people using their assists in order to link Final Justice on hit. Cap can do it w/o help with lp, mp, shield toss, FJ for around %50dmg

Cap doesn’t have that Mag mix-up pro ability, but he has a little something solid enough to work with

A dumb team I like to run for strictly low tier play is Captain/Ken/Son (Proj.). It’s an interesting team bc CapAm and Ken both play very similar under Son-son monkeys. Whenever you get a launch, you call Son, do your bread and butter combo, and you will land into pretty much the exact rolling/cartwheel mixups you roughed out, except you also get to recall monkeys. So you land into a thick option tree, with an automatic forced block situation, and you set up a slow moving projectile to set up your next offensive push. Really helps low tiers if you can yomi it up right :looney:.

I’m gonna make a vid for son son monkeys bc its pretty unique in terms of how it lets you start staggered option trees, and it just looks and sounds so dumb. :tup: