The Return of Friday Night BeatDown 3v3 team tourney @ Dreamlab 1/22/10 moved 1/29/10


This is the return of the Friday Night Beatdown and it’s new location at Dreamlab Gaming, Thanks to James owner of Dreamlab…

This 3v3 tourney is going to have a limit of 16 teams. So you will pre-reg here…
This is going to be pokemon style play, no character change so stick with your main and it will be double elimination… any character is allow in this tourney… Im proud to say that FnB new home will be at Dreamlab…


16 Team cap

  • 1 of each character per team (no 3 sagats on a team) and no switching
  • Double elimination
  • Default time and round
  • 1 set
  • Grand final is 2 out of 3 sets
  • No characters banned
  • Pokemon format (ie. Team 1, 2, 3 vs. Team 4, 5, 6 1 beats 4, 1 beats 5, 6 beats 1, 2 beats 6. Team 1, 2, 3 wins.)
  • Bring your own sticks and pad controls are ok!


DreamLab Gaming
1023 South Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA, 91007



Entry Fee:

$15.00 per team so it will be 5.00 per person


PS3 with 2 non lag vizio hdmi tv’s…
Also Bring your own Sticks

Pre-Reg List
I want name of the team and players of your team…

  1. Team Nation of Domination ( Shizza, OnlineTony213, Hugo101)
  2. Team SnC ( Zill grinds, TemjinAlpha, XBlades (Fei)
  3. Team Bluetooth Gum Phone ( Krayzie Bone, Wonder Chef, Mega_Buster)
  4. Team H8 Crew ( Sal Says, Mr. Han, Dr Hax)
  5. Team 2PK!!! (Axis Gamer 9, Yankeeblugenes, GundamX86)
  6. Team 2 High Guys and a Square ( Bryant The Tyrant, Nima Partovi, DJ Vest)
  7. ComboJacks Team… Broken
  8. Team No Team Name (Dr Zipper, ClutchLikeKobe, Kilomax)

10.Team 2 Girls 1 Cup (Sherryjenix, Bustabust, JO50)
11.Team Coco - (Pimp Willy, Nasir, Dvdz)
12.Team Psycho Hadou ( Doomsday and his 2 guys)
13.Team- I think you need a handjob (Moval, UTJ, Tatsu)
14.Team South Pasadena -( blaqskillz, fwooshy, DJ Divine)
15.Team “BYE HATERS!!!” (Vicious, Joe Dubbs, Red Venom)
16.Team Valley Resurrection- (Destruct1ve, Seventy2B, Kwheelie)


Please donate if you can to help out dreamlab to continue being the spot for sf4…

If anyone that has a digital camera to record please let me know and I will try to ustream it if anyone has a webcam… please lets me know…

once again please pre-reg here at this thread and if you have any question or comments PM me… Thanks guys and see you at this tourney…

hmmmm…i never agreed to this…
never did hugo…

Team Street Fighter The Movie
(Shizza, Hugo101, OnlineTony213)

hmmmm…i never agreed to this…
never did hugo…

Team Street Fighter The Movie
(Shizza, Hugo101, OnlineTony213)

Lol Tony. You cant agree to something you werent asked lol.
This tourney is going to be sick though :slight_smile:

Anyone wanna team up?


Team SnC

1.Zill grinds (rufus)
2. TemjinAlpha (Balrog)
3. XBlades (Fei)

-tony get ready for the EX infinite!!! Seth will be mine!!


sal says
Mr Han
Dr Hax

sign us up

I’m telling myself to go to hell right now.

why you want to ride that train?

Team Bluetooth Gum Phone

Krayzie Bone, Wonder Chef, ClutchLikeKobe


It has booze…

hey bmarq whats your team name???

Team 2PK!!!

Axis Gamer 9

updated teams…

keep it coming guys

sign up peeps for this fridays event…

Vest, change “ClutchlikeKobe” for “Mega_Buster.”

This is Doomsday Vest. I’ll definitely be at the Beatdown tournament at Dreamlab this Friday. We already spoke about my entering earlier so just put me down. I’m still trying to find partners, and I should have them in a few days. I’ll be sure to keep you posted DJ. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have my team sorted out. Thanks man. See you on Tuesday for the casuals.

@krayzie bone: i changed it… alright everyone time to test your skills with your teammates lets make this happen… we have spots available

team UTJ

lovepig, warren, UTJ


wtf??? lol…