The Return of Friday Night BeatDown 3v3 tourney results

1 OnlineTony213 Hugo101 Shizza : $178.50
2 Combo Jack Killer Kai Mike Ross : $51.00
3 Nima Bryant DJ Vest : $25.50
4 Red Venon Joe Dubbs Vicious
5 TenjinAlpha Zillgrind Blackhawk
5 UTJ Moval Tatsu
7 72B. Destrructive Kwiilie
7 Dae Busta Sherry
9 Paper Bowser Kitori Alvizi
9 Paul Divine Fooshy
9 Clutch Like Kobe Kilomax Dr Zipper
9 Heartless Omega What is fear monster mash
13 Doomsday Traze hellhadou
13 gundamx86 axis gamer 9 yankeebluejeans
13 Steinmania Anna Awakening 16
13 BlockbusterJohn Mega Buster Krayzie Bone
17 Nasir Pimp willy MRHAN

next tourney will be in a month and thak you for showing up and supporting Dreamlab… thank you james and everyone else

GG’s to everyone i played in tournament and casuals

And why is Mike Ross so good?

Good shit Hugo Tony and Shizza. Sickest team ever.

Also good shit to Team SnC, gettin up there.

And sorry for not showing up, shit happened. Thanks to Blockbuster Jon for replacing me.

gg’s to everyone i played in tournament / casuals. good seeing everyone again!

team jordan and dae!!!

best team names at the tournament…

Nation of Domination
Debt Collecters
I think you need a handjob
2 High guys and a Square
Jordan and Dae
Bye Haters

thank you for showing up guys and we will have another 3v3 in one month…

PS: no seth lol…

GG’s Mike Ross, it was nice to finally get to play you.

GG’s everybody, fun night. See you guys on the next one!

Bluetooth Blankas son! YEAH!

Had an awesome time yesterday at dreamlab. Can’t wait for the next one.

Dreamlab was great!

Kind of a far drive considering I live in between an arcade and a cyber cafe but its the competition that made it worthwhile GGs!

Here R Some Videos From That Day…

aww, you don’t have the Mike Ross chair breaking moment :[, best part of the tourney.

met a lot of people and played a bunch of friendly matches with bryant the tyrant, vicious, chris, slick 626, shizza, and a few other people who I can’t remember their name. thanks for helping me level up!

had a great time and might start coming to more of these (i was the honda player with the hat)

Fuck you krayzie bone… with love :slight_smile:

I have it but…i’ll post it later…
and da camera is facing away btw…

It def was fun, lot of raging.

Damn I wish some one had recorded our match, Team 2PK!!! vs. Team South Pasadena. That shit was awesome. Well there is always next time.

tourney was great. thanks to vest & dream lab for making this happen. GG’s to every one. Paper we need to get some more Live games in.

green apple vega vs red apple vega

sexiest match of the night, no homo :tup: