The Return Of JS Master's Mom at ORBIT on 09/16/2006

I have no brackets. Where are the results? This is what I can remember…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (8 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Noodleman
3rd - JS Master
4th - Mythic Exile
5th - Jiggabry
5th - Kymah
7th - Fobhunter
7th - Psychochronic

1st - Ratio1beatdown (chop)
1st - YellowS4
3rd - JS Master
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Mythic Exile
5th - Phastestpig
7th - Kymah
7th - Noodleman
9th - Fobhunter
9th - Deathfist
9th - Sheng Long
9th - Psychochronic

1st - DarkDragon
2nd - K2
3rd - ZeroFalcon
4th - Dico01
5th - JS Master
5th - X-Sapphire
7th - Tim
7th - Stephen
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - FTK
9th - Psychochronic


  1. YellowS4
  2. Chun
  3. GaijinBlaze
  4. MythicExile
  5. Phastestpig
  6. JS Master
  7. G3nn
  8. Kymah
  9. DarkDragon
  10. Warren
  11. Jiggabry

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (15 Entrants)

  1. Jiggabry
  2. JS Master
  3. g3nn
  4. Ryan
  5. Ratio1beatdown
  6. Chun (forfeit)
  7. Deathfist
  8. Green
  9. Quan
  10. Kymah
  11. Shaun
  12. Lord Magnus
  13. Cito
  14. Sheng Long
  15. Sweet Cheeba

Mo > Tommy.

Gots no internets and hot plates

Fun tourney, looking forward to the next one
gg to everyone i played, DD’s jam owns my @$$
need to practise more so i don’t miss combo

Dice is now TO top 5 in ggxx @@/

darkdragon won the tournament?!?! wow ggness indeed

well from now on i’m just gonna join two game per tournamnet… 5 games is too much to handle for me
next tournament: GGXX + 3s, time for revenge :wonder:

PS. i thnk nagata lock should quit ggxx :arazz:

random + taunt ftw!
Congrats to DD for winning a ggxx tourney!! lol jk
btw the ??? for ggxx is Stephen

marvel and 3s results plz …

You made a mistake: I eliminated Kin in losers, I should be 5th.
Cyrus must have the brackets.

yea psycho should be 5th , kymah (won against no one) should be 7th

on another note: top 5 in 3 games WHAT!
what u mean i was in top 8 by default? shhh

i knew it.


Die JS !!! lol … we still friends right …lol…

RAtiO 1 U OW ME A DOLLA !! … lol … jkz its all good

good tourny overall … Nagata Keep working on that Sol Execution … u and ur damn dust trip super non-sense lol … !!

:confused: Am I the only one that uses that move? It seems like a logical combo for little work and big damage. :confused:

ggxx isnt capcom styled games, hit -> super just isnt cool here =P

something like trip, bandit revolver, RC, hs(1hit), sidewinder would start u a nice sidewinder loop/combo… that’d be more like ggxx combo for the same amount of tension… and i personally think the motion for trip->super is a lot of effort…

can i use the # notation or would u not understand? lol

Trish looked hot in her last match.

WOW wut a nerd

ummmmm … marvel?

marvel top3 was

  1. bry
  2. eric
  3. g3nn

3S and MvC2 Results

3S (11 entrants):

  1. YellowS4
  2. Chun
  3. GaijinBlaze
  4. MythicSexile
  5. Pig
  6. JS Master
  7. g3nn
  8. Kin
  9. DarkDragon
  10. Warren
  11. Bry

MvC2 (15 Entrants):

  1. Jingleberry
  2. JS Master
  3. g3nn
  4. Ryan
  5. Roger
  6. Chun (forfeit)
  7. Deathfist
  8. Howard
  9. Quan
  10. Kin
  11. Shaun
  12. Lord Magnus
  13. Cito
  14. Ron
  15. Cate
  • standings look different because I gave Bry a bye into grand finals
  • Chun forfeits to Ryan because he had to leave
  • Roger ‘unoffically’ forfeits to Ryan because, well… if you were there, you know why

wow lord magnus improved alot
but i still own him for free

… and for those of us that werent there?

I didnt forfeit, I just played while talking on the phone lol