the return of red eye fight nights

The return of Red Eye Fight Nights

I am happy to announce that I am going to be bring back the Red Eye Fight Nights. To all those that have supported me and have attend all of the previous Red Eye Fight Nights, I would like to sincerely apologize for the long absents. There has been much turmoil in my family lately. But now that all that is over, I can now once again organize the Red Eye Fight Nights weekly tournament again.

I have come in contact with two places that could be a possible venue for the weekly event. Both places are a great find. I will list the pros and cons of each place, leave this post up for a week, and wait for everyone to respond and vote on which place would be the better venue.


  1. Jake?s of Pasadena
    Located at 38 W Colorado Blvd Pasadena ca 91105.

PROS- very spacious. Lots of tv?s. has food and drink. very friendly manager. The venue where BAR FIGHTS II was held at. NO VENUE FEE.

CONS- only Monday night is available for the tournament, could be a possible problem for those with jobs or going to school. Kind of a far drive, especially if you plan to attend every tournament weekly. That could end up to be a hefty gasoline bill.

  1. Game Star Arcade
    Located at 14001 Newport Ave Tustin ca 92780

PROS- lots of tv?s. very gamer and gaming friendly. Since it is in Tustin, it is close to pretty mauch anyone in the Torrance, los angeles, Huntington beach and SoCal area. And Saturday is available for the event.

CONS- the owner of the place is asking for a 5$ venue fee. And plus the 5$ pot fee, it will be a total of 10$ for the tournament. And this tournament will be a weekly thing.

I will leave this posted for a whole week. Please reply your vote in the forum or you can send me your vote on my email, JOEURGOD@YAHOO.COM or REDEYEFIGHTNIGHTS@YAHOO.COM. And if you can?t email me, then you can use both those email addresses to find both my profiles on face book and then live me a message there. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you.

I’ve been to Game Star Arcade and their HDTV’s have lag input. $5 venue fee is a lot too. It’s close to OC but not Torrance/Los Angeles.

I’d vote for Pasadena because no venue fee. The valleys near by so maybe they can come by too.

Gootecks ran Bar Fights at Jake’s, that place is really legit.

Also it’s REALLY close to me, so I would go for sure.

i hate bringing this up, but a lot of people hates mondays. i personally think Jake?s of Pasadena sounds overall better, but is anyone actually going to show up?