THE RETURN of Slammin' Saturday Nights @ web2zone 4/28 Results

I’ll make it short and sweet:

WAY more room.
WAY more TVs.
WAY more tournaments.
WAY more casuals.

WAY more people!

We topped out at 105 attendees this time around, smashing the last event’s record by about 20 attendees. The funny thing was, a lot of people who attended last time could not even make it out to this event. THANK YOU to all who attended. Also a special thank-you to Web2Zone for giving a pot bonus to all the official tournaments due to the high attendance.

Now, results:

SF3: 3s (39 entrants)

  1. KOFiend
  2. Nestor
  3. Therapist
  4. Hold Dat
  5. Juan R.
  6. Gavin

CvS2 (27 entrants)

  1. Nestor/Tony B. (they play at every single tournament they go to, so this time they decided to split the pot)
  2. Min
  3. Nick T.
  4. Snaaake
  5. Omar

Super Turbo (14 entrants)

  1. Capmaster
  2. Nohoho
  3. John Rambo
  4. Chris Doyle

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (10 entrants)

  1. Andre
  2. Tony B.
  3. Damian
  4. Arthur

There were also tournaments for Tekken DR, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, and Hakuto no Ken, but I do not have those results.

Thanks again to everyone, to Alex Strife for working with the arcade to let us use the top floor/get more TVs. A great time was had by all. AND NOBODY FARTED!


Last tourny had 79 people. So the number of people went up by 26.

Just noticed something.
Aside from Wall and Smooth missing from this tourny. Those are basically the same exact cvs2 results from the last tourny if im not mistaken.

Good shit

Great tournament, had a lot of fun.

Good games to everyone. KOFiend and Nestor are beasts. You guys were just too intense for me. heh heh

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (20 entrants)

  1. XAQshinor [Arcruied]
  2. Master Chibi [Hisui]
  3. Damian [Ciel]
  4. Andrew (Trazek) [Ciel]
  5. Gunframe Buri [Miyako]
  6. Chaz (Mynusdono) [Kohaku & Hisui]

Money Min!! team friends all week

I thought chibi was broke at this shit? Disgrace :sad: :confused:

and kofiend is broke as usual
hit up the wallcade? some weekend son!

I wish i was their sorry i couldnt go something came up.

Congratulations CapMaster on a classy victory!

Honestly, ST was probably the most fun tourny to watch yesterday.

Those melty blood results are accurate.
Rich and Kevin got 7th.
Jamie, Tony, Kayin, and Sven got 9th.
Nightroad, FInale, Desert Coffin, and Kyle got 13th.

Hokuto no Ken was(I think)
1)Mr. Mammoth(Shin)
2)Gavin(that guy with those cross projectiles)
4)Shotokan Symphony(Raoh)

Guilty Gear was (again, I think)


good job to whomever set things up like it was, that shit was dope.
Thanks for the space too, the experience was like 50 times better than last time

lol Raoh is broken

You didn’t see shit. Zaelar + Toki = Teleport frenzy(i.e. death).

good shit team h8 for hold shit down. big up’s to dxp for this tournament to bad i miss this shit. KOFIEND MY NIGGA’ WHEN YOU GOING TO COME TO THE DARKSIDE

You know, people bitch about toki alot, but…

Souther is really fucking gay. Best runaway in the game :(.

Indeed. I play Toki myself, but Zaelar was clearly the better player in my match against him. I just gotta start abusing 236236C super after I air combo and OTG that shit.

Souther is just beastily when played properly. And to think, the grand finals came down to Rei vs. Rei.

HNK results (16 entrants)

  1. Mr. Mamation (Rei, Tokikikiki)
  2. Gavin (Foofer, Rei)
  3. Zaelar (Toki)
  4. Cabinet Smasher/Shotokon (Roah)
  5. Deathsythe (Toki)
  6. Chibi (Roah, Mamia)

No shins (WTF) but over 9,000 Tokis and many Roahs
In the very last battle Gavin played Rei

Once you guys learn Tokis full combos and do his throws i will not enjoy playing against him =p

Ew…I tied with Chibi for 5th. I feel dirty. Me and Chibi have to have the tie breaker now.[/hate]

16 entrants wasn’t so bad after all. I played Shin…Once. Yes. Against Karl.

Wait…where the fuck is ComeBack in that list? His Raoh is too good. I would have expected him to get top 3.

lol @ Foofer

Out of all the throws I landed with Toki I didn’t manage to combo off a single one. :rofl:

And LOL @ Foofer.

which name was comeback under?

He probably entered as his real name: Kyle. Dunno, though.