The Return To Woodbine (CvS2, MvC2, 3S)


Another very good turnout for Woodbine Centre

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (9 Entrants)

1st - Jiggabry
2nd - ROC
3rd - Crayz Penguin
4th - Gerjay_2001
5th - EX_Matt
5th - C-Royd
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - DM
9th - Ratio1Beatdown

3RD STRIKE (16 Entrants)

1st - C-Royd
2nd - AneurismX
3rd - Will
4th - YellowS4
5th - Arcade Legend
5th - Wetworker
7th - Leslie
7th - King Of Naboo
9th - Gerjay_2001
9th - Vrus
9th - Fernando
9th - Strider
13th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Magma Dragoon
13th - Vick
13th - Dixon

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (23 Entrants)

1st - Ratio1Beatdown
2nd - YellowS4
3rd - Nagata Lock II
4th - C-Royd
5th - L.S.D.
5th - EX_Matt
7th - Shadowfighta
7th - Jiggabry
9th - Gerjay_2001
9th - Flightwing
9th - Arcade Legend
9th - King Of Naboo
13th - Ultimate Rugal
13th - Leslie
13th - Crayz Penguin
13th - Sweet Cheeba
17th - DM
17th - John
17th - Dixon
17th - Vrus
17th - Gatsby
17th - Shawn
17th - Jaime

GG’s to everyone. It was a lot of fun as per usual.


Gg’s yall
Should have saved time in cvs2 by giving R1Bd the money upfront but Yellow’s Gief is crazy still.
MvC2 finals = casual play for jigga
Thanks to everyone I won money off i.e tony, steve, curt, byron, wing ect, ect, ect



Worst fucking sticks ever. They must have been so loaded whenn they alligned them. Holy shit.


Which game? All of them? Lol, you should see how the sticks are abused when the local scrubs play the machines. Stupid fuckin’ people dont have any common sense especially the ghetto punks.

Heh, fuck. I did quite bad at this turnout, but wasn’t regretful at all. I was only frustrated that my Yun’s bread n’ butter won’t fuckin’ come out properly. It seemed to me that Marvin was fucking around most of the time as well. That was funny to see.

gg’s to all

btw since when did sheldon played in the 3rd strike tourny? i thought he was too late.


I just realized Chachaman wasnt there… but hes always there…what happened to him??


CvS2… worst sticks ever… both sides…


Can anybody tell me, where was the master?


ROC said Eric got grounded again. This is turning into a running joke. :lol:

I thought the CvS2 sticks had issues but weren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. If you just make some small adjustments to your game then it was hardly an issue. I will have to talk to Ricardo about getting his management to re-align them though; the patrons shouldn’t have to keep adjusting because the machine staff did a shitty job.


Our machine staff is a couple of monkeys in red hats

Thank you antoine for taking over for me. Fuck never again going to tourney when sick ;\


the sticks

Yeah those sticks were pretty much garbage ( 2p was worse than 1p though ) so yeah adjustments had to be made, it was a good first tourney for me, had a lot of fun! Chris Rock stepped on Dennis’s feet :lol:



Impossible to Dragon Punch at all.


sound like orbit sticks to me… thank god i didn’t go


sticks were fine for me.
cvs2 i couldnt block low twice…well, i only tried to block twice.

i could dragon punch fine.