The Revenge Of Ruthless Bald Alico Project

As The Revenge of Ruthless Bald Alico enters its final stages and is being uploaded I just want to take a moment and present this to the Hakan community, and make a request as well. Although I don’t play Hakan, I feel like he is under-used, under appreciated and unfortunately completely unexplored as a character. There seems to be a lot of debate on what Hakan is meant to do in Street Fighter IV, but realistically its as clear as day to some of us. Hakan is a monster. He is the only character in SFIV that almost literally breaks all the rules of what is commonly accepted as “possible” and “impossible” within the match. His damage output is great, he has un-reversable DDT set ups that can’t even be crouched that next to NO ONE knows how to get out of. He might not say it himself, but i’ve been preaching for him from the moment I played his Hakan. Liquigen is the best Hakan in america right now, Period. He understands and love this character like no one else, and was really enthusiastic about putting out this first installment of our two part tutorial on what Hakan can REALLY do.

Now, here is my request. When the video goes online completely, I want you all to send this in to Keits and help us get this on the front page of SRK. Hakan deserves his spot light, i’m sure you can all agree on that. This community needs to draw attention to themselves, the more people interested in him, the more he can be figured out. I’m pretty sure this is 100% possible, make it happen guys.

We’re online


Just clarifying here, that part 2 will be up after a short while. The editor here needs time to “recuperate”, if you will.

That being said part 2 will be comprised of mainly defensive options and option selects, as well as some more advanced setups.

So, again, part 1 is entirely basics and I apologize for those of you who know them already; but, we want to encompass all audiences.

Saw it on the front page, great stuff.

Nicely done. The comments from the naysayers, while expected, are always entertaining. Looking forward to the follow up.

this is hot! bring out the oil monster! :d::d::d::3k:

As a Hakan player this is great to see. The video is great and I learned things I didn’t know how to do before. I’m for sure going to be rewatching this a lot.

Thanks for all the effort, it’s much appreciated.

(My only complaint would be that the shadowed text can sometimes be hard to read)

Sweet video. Checked it out on the home page just now. Really pisses me off though some of the comments that have been have posted. If people can’t see the mass potential in some of the things showed in your video, then I don’t know what it will take. When they get destroyed by a good Hakan they’ll think otherwise.

Good stuff. Looking forward to part two.

Very nice. I’ve been lurking for a long time, but came on here to say thanks for doing the research and spreading some much-needed basic information on Hakan to the community. As a Hakan player/preacher, it’s good to see more of this recently. So thank you, and good luck on your next video on the series. I look forward to seeing your take on the more defensive Hakan playstyles and advanced techniques that come about from this.

Also a big thanks from me. I switched from Zangief to Hakan out of boredom and I really start to like him. Though I am losing a lot still and trying to figure him out, your video gave me a few nice hints for my gameplay. Hakan is a bag of fun. I would appreciate if the AA section would not be too small, since I still struggle with proper AA spacing when playing the oil king :wink: