The Revitilization of KOF?


This is probably a rather odd question to ask here since KOF games aren’t really something SRK handles, but it would be better to ask people who aren’t necessarily biased toward the game. If you haven’t figured out the game I’m talking about in question, it’s **King of Fighters 13 **

KOF XIII is going to debut tomorrow for all to enjoy. When KOF first started,I could honestly say I was really into it. A little after 02’ I started to lose interest in KOF games because the seemed to be doing too much. What I mean is, the out of control roster sizes, all the in game mechanics, and etc. There were a lot of things I liked about KOF, but just as many things I disliked about it.

I’ve yet to get my hands on KOFXIII so I still don’t know how good a game (IMO) KOFXIII will be. I’m very excited for the game, and I can’t wait to try it out. It seems all the big FG Corps are trying to go back to their roots. Tbh, that sounds like a sad marketing scheme but it worked for Capcom, and Midway.

KOF12 was garbage but there were things I did appreciate about 12 that I was rather happy about. Idk about you guys, but I was getting extremely sick of seeing over pixelated characters since KOF debuted. 12 made everyone mad buff, but 13 seems to have gotten it down much better.

Rather the bore you with my rebuttles, how do you think KOF13 will impact the KOF community. Will we ever see a Capcom vs SNK 3?

Here’s hoping for the future!


This game is sex, and far more fulfilling for me than MvC3 and SF4 were.


That’s largely because there are no comeback mechanics, amirite?

Comeback mechanics… even the term itself sounds catcher gay.


For me, its the fact that it’s beautifully animated, no comeback mechanics, COLOR EDIT!!! and I just have always had a soft spot for KOF characters (although I have to admit this is my first KOF ever). This game might make me finally stop playing MvC2


Only time can tell how it will impact the KOF community.

However the Fighting game community as a whole, there’s more people who play specific fighting games, then people who play all fighting games in general these days. That makes me worried on the success of KOF, not to mention the fact that my years of playing the game I find alot of people who boycott KOF for no reason.

But besides all that shit KOFXIII looks so damn good, im pretty sure alot of people are gonna pick it up. At NEC theres gonna be a $1000+ pot for the game and im sure that should generate some outside interest for the game.

Oh and the plus side about KOF’s big roster is the variety of the characters in the roster is lovely. There VERY very few characters that play alike, everyone has something very unique about them. I find it hard for someone not to find a character they’ll dig. Furthermore, being able to pick a team of 3.


While its true that about 85% of the characters are truly unique, I would attest that is what takes away from the game. For the newer crowed who is unfamiliar with the kof scene, it’s quite overwhelming to see 50+ characters in a game. I love KOF98. To me, that was the best KOF ever made. Joe! <333

I’m happy that unlike Capcom, SNK doesn’t make its games any easier in terms of input leniency. Unfortunately, that will stop a lot of newer players from getting into the game. Hopefully, the online support isn’t as bad as the thread made it out to be.


This really. Not only that the timing of its release couldn’t be any worse. I am willing to bet that all those playing UMvC3 now want to find time to play Skyrim, MW3, Uncharted 3, AC Revelations etc. Essentially KOFXIII looks like a game that came out years too late, SNK had their chance to fill the void left behind by the death of Capcom fighters in the mid 00’s, and they blew it. Now it’s a uphill task for them to attract attention to the series outside of its fanbase, no matter how good a game they make.


You mean like all those people who boycotted MvC3/SF4 for not having _________insert character/feature here*?

I think for the most part KoF XIII is going to be ok and accepted by the community at large. With or without outstanding netcode.


i agree with all of this


There’s only one important factor that determines whether or not a game get’s revitalized competitively: COMMUNITY.

If enough people are playing the game, then eventually it will find it’s time in the limelight.

So if you love this game, then spread the word and get more people to play it.


I’m going to be buying this game; I have no interest in MW3, and it’s not like three fighting games (One of which nobody plays with me:() is too much of a hassle. I have not played a KoF game, but if it doesn’t have FADC combos (Seriously, those things are murder for a pad player), I’m happy with it. High execution doesn’t bother me if it actually makes some freaking sense instead of being some horribly contrived system for Roman cancels.

Beautiful sprites are always a plus.


Just FYI, the community that follows this game, although relatively small right now, is so fucking stoked on this hype ass shit. WOOOOOO KOF13!!!


Tossing this over to FGD. This isn’t really a newbie dojo question.


This is definitely going to be a really good game. I’ll be playing it on the side for sure as a nice game to get away from all of dry stuff that plagues SFIV and the overly strong comeback XF stuff in MVC3. Once Skullgirls comes out I doubt I’ll be playing this though and most likely main Skullgirls and UMVC3.


It would be nice for the East Coast to finally get into KOF.


Did KOF players even play CvS2?

In any case I’d like to play this, but the only cab I see around here only has totally clueless players playing it.


Most KOF players seem to really hate CvS2, something about how Capcom got the SNK cast wrong and the game felt like a SF game with SNK characters.


I really wanna buy this game but I’m scared I will have no one to play and explore it with.



yeah pretty much. Capcom gave so much good shit to their own characters (sakura dive kick? lulz!) but butchered most of the snk cast. It sucked for snk fans.


Naw man, There seriously people ( mostly SF players & Capcom FG’s only gamers) who dont like SNK’s approach on FG’s period from a outside perspective; and have never actually even tried there games (The good ones like KOF XI / 98 / 2002, Fatal Fury, SS) just because they blatantly dont want to or the fact that there not made by Capcom. Plus, the fact that most of the fighting game community this era probably 75% of it is mainly Capcom players.

Which is funny because if you have a strong SF backround theres not much you need to adjust too in KOF to like the game just as much. But they’ll go on and play MVC3 which is far out of a comfort zone from a SF backround only because its made by Capcom. Thats just some people though thank god.

Oh people like J wong, Ricky, & Floe are picking it up and really like it so thats good.