The Revival/Bakersfield Beatdown version 2.0

5/29/05 at my pad.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

5.Victor Cordova
7.Joe Harris
9.Brian G
13.Pual Rios
13.Mike Andrews
13.Mike Rios

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

2.Mr CvS2-Mike
5.Jesse Z
7.Victor Cordova
9.Mike Andrews
9.Notorious Theo

Props to the Salinas crew for making this tourney fun as hell and making the trip again.

Korngo made it all the way undefeated in mvc2. Too fucking sick.
AJ was sent to losers late in the tourney and comes back defeating Mr CvS2 in the finals.
Where the hell was Raul at. Wanting to money match some one and then no shows it. :confused:

And sorry guys if anything was wrong. this was my first time running 2 tourneys at once I did the best that I could with the equipment and budget that I had. Any comments that could make things better for next time please let me know.

KORNGO!!! KKK! =].


I think I first met this guy almost two years ago, and I honestly have yet to see him touch Marvel. Which is why I haven’t talked shit to him yet. :clap:

Wich one Chunksta or Korngo???

Talkin’ 'bout Korngo

fifth place and i didnt even go? friggin sweet!

It’s nice huh :clap:

tourney was a blast, 2 jap mvc2 cabs and a marval console made marval run very well. and the 3s on console, that was good too. the jap cabs worked pretty good, i was able to do mag infinite which i usually cant do on that type of stick. I talked to everyone and they all said they would not mind going again. Also, In n out after words was nutty, Ray is the burget champ consuming 2 4x4s frys and a soda. While i was barely able to eat an 8x8 and i had about 2 patties to go and he was like, i could prolly eat that if i wanted to. he was referring to the rest of what i had left before i decidide i would be cajoled into eating the rest of it. Dejavu was the shit, That place is a must on every visit to bako, too bad they were checking IDs this time or korngo would have gotten in. The chicks were pretty hot and the amature night contest made it pretty interesting. Good times, this is a must do again. peace out all.

What characters did Korngo play?

Sent Storm Capcom
MSP I Thinks

Yo man who is u and all being from Bakersfield? I dunno you or do I. Were u at my pad on sunday??? Sorry there were so many peeps there its hard to remember everyone.

And I think I shorted AJ a dollar on his winnings. Oh well he drank enuff free sodas so I earned that dolla fair and square.

Tourney was tight, thanks metrock. =] I use’d MSP only once 'cause Ray’s S/D always eats my Commando up. =[

Thanks Chicken. <3 (no homo)

I’m planning on another one soon so stay top. I wanna chance to redeem myself. Hopefully the peeps I was counting on will actually show this time. :lame:

No, I wasn’t there. But I’m around 3Dv alot. I’m the one that plays Cable/Jin/Sentinel and DDR.