The Revolution's thread........members only!

:bgrin: well,well,well,looks like we have ourselves a mean ass group here!!!this is the revolution’s thread and is for members only!u may post if ur interested in joining the group or finding out more bout us.but if u gonna talk shit and run ur mouth bout stupid shit then get the FUCK OUT!!!

now on to wut’s up…current members are:

Lord Jas
Silver Chariot

we are looking to increase our numbers so if u’re interested then hit us up!we will be having tourneys every month and will be having alot of casual play at my crib every week.main games that’ll be played will be marvel and 3rd strike,but we’ll also have a3,cvs2,ggxx,vampire savior and many other games as well.

yo artayes,sc and gouki10 let me know wut u think of the group?lmao.i’m sure we all agree with it :tup: …i hope. :pleased:

:lame: just fucking ya jas im down homy just keep those weak ass local orgy boys out of this shit i aint got a problem kicking they ass doe.iwant this shit CTF acurate dig? miami got some good playas we just gots to find em.silver chariot out…

Not interested in the group. Just noticed the name and I’m wondering if you play Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I need someone new to murk.

its ben a while what wit the lack of comp, but ya i play

I’m trying to get in touch with one of my boys in Miami. (JOSE WHERE YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT???) We all play a little and I’m always looking for real comp so i can learn some shit. If you’re down for rounds I’ll try to hit you up when I come through. I also play CVS2 ( very little marvel also) and they play 3rd Strike and GG.

jose?u talking bout gouki10?im not that big on marvel myself more of 3rdstrike playa [urien] and CvS2 aight [sagat,vega and balrog =team boss] and im always up to get back inta jojo :clap: oh thej joy!!!

Can I join the group please :encore:

??? :confused: ??? RU taunting me? if ur not its fine wit me bro

The Greek does not know mockery. He is the most outstanding, straight-up honest man on the fucking planet. Respect him, and he will respect you in turn.

if u are serious bout joining the group then i said before,marvel and 3rd isn’t the only games we gonna be playing and yes jo jo’s IS in fact going to be one of those if u want in then sure,we welcome u.the crib is going to be set up pretty tight so playing games at my crib should be fun.

anybody else is welcome over as well.u don’t have to be part of the group to come play.u just have to be a cool ass nigga,that’s it :clap: we ain’t trying to make enemies we just trying to make friends that we can chill with and get smoked out :wasted: and play some games.


wut up artayes? u down for some matches this weekend?

dude,The Geek is Richel.he was the one who barely beat me at third strike and part of the 3 man team that we are going against.

ooppsss!!! :wow: my bad,i didn’t know :rofl:

umm…artayes chill out bro.lets just all get along and play i realy want to fight these guys i need the comp iv had nothing but scrubs to fight sinz i left miami,and your just pissing em of and macking me look like a dick in the proscess lets just get along…SHIT!

ok ok, looks like the boss needs to step in, na im just fucking around, wtf is jo jo…jose please enlighten me.

and can someone make me an avatar, i feel so naked without one, one with oro starting up tengu with both arms would be nice.

yeah man you talking to me, so far i know of three jose that are coming/in miam.

1 me
2 jose ( also know as spiderman) and mr. team steriods plays at fun o rama, at mall of america.
3 jose ( lord jas)

WTF??? You get me involved in this bullshit and tell me to chil out?!? you got me fucked up,brother. The best comp you got is right here.don’t fucking forget it.