The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


its way better than vanilla
I dont drop Vergil and Dante’s combos
not perfect of course, but Ive gotten pretty good games with Aaron


Work out equipment we can all use :rofl:



I’m not gonna lie for some reason KOF XIII is appealing to me. I really want to try it out. Is anybody down here going to play it or at least attempt to play?



KOF 13 is the shit
It kinda fills up the void left when CVS2 died :lovin:


You bought the game already? It seems very CvS2ish which me likey and the game also looks very smooth



I wont get it until the weekend, but I played lots of it at the Arcade UFO, and I love the game
I also played lots of KOF in the mexican arcades, so I’m pretty familiar with the system.
The big difference between this and CvS2 is that there’s no medium pokes, there’s only weak and strong, and that changes the close up game a lot.

Hit me up if yall are down to play it online.


I’m familiar with KOF I just don’t play it a lot. I ended up breaking down and bought it when I went to pick up my copy of Tekken Hybrid. Can’t actually dig into it until I get home from work.

It also came with a bonus cd attached to the back. Looked like a bonus soundtrack.



Im down for some online matches on the weekend, hit me up
connection shouldnt be too bad since we’re close


The bonus cd is 4 discs and is the soundtracks from KOF 94-KOFXIII.

I don’t know crap about tiers in XIII other then K’ is tops (SBO had a K’ in literally every single team). Not my kind of character though but I definitely see why he is. Just curious to know where the characters I like stand. It’s just my luck LOL that I never like a top tier character.

So far I’m digging Kula, Clark, and Mature. I only had time to mess around with a few character so about 70% of the cast I haven’t touched yet but I know more less how each one plays, just want to see how they feel in XIII. Every KOF I’ve always played Mai but I’m just not digging the way she feels in this game, I usually end up using Benimaru (sp?) but I didn’t have time to try him it out.



Hope everyone had a good Turkey day


Anybody around here could take a look at my TE stick? Fierce works kinda random. JD hope your semester has been going well.


Have you tried replacing the buttons maybe, or it could be the pcb, or perhaps the wiring


Thanks man
Im pretty sure its the microswitch that’s starting to get lose after all the use
You can try switching the button for one of the black ones (that’s what they’re for IMO)
Its very easy to do it, the stick is very nicely wired inside.


dont listen too JD


LOL at just about every player at NEC using Wesker in UMvC3. Seriously check out the results.



Who uses wesker these days anyways, all about dat dr, rr, hwk


So did anyone from here got into KOF13?
The game is amazing.

This and UMVC3 should keep me busy, I dont think I’ll be playing SF42012


Anyone with a brain still uses whisker hes still to dam good take dem glasses off go dark whisker and drop the rape train.


My new hero



For anyone considering EVO