The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Cowboys are teh LOLZ. Jive showering in the tears of the Cowboys fan ( :party:;)) <—Jive last night

Tim Tebow has an angel on his shoulder. If I were Beef I would officially turn gay for Tim Tebow for pulling dem W’s…



How Tebow wins games with his stats who knows who cares as long as he keeps winning its all good for me.


I really, really hate online play :(, oh and doom, guy is so much bs


i heard about the “salt break” you had to take at jakes XD doom<3


it was a first time that actually happen to me, i never get “salty” but man what doom did really made me sad, oh well, ill get him next time :wink:


that’s cool man
someday you’ll be like me and beast in that game


yea im not a fan of online ethier, lol FOOT DIVE :wink:

When are we gonna play some Mahvel onion james ?


Words can not describe the epicness that is this movie

I have never felt more then a man then I do now.


Updated info regarding Killeen’s next big tourney. Lower venue fee, mad prizes (including gift card for tatoos), and other minor tweaks. Thanks, be sure to at least check the link out.

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anyone wants to go to Killeen??


Man crazy NFL weekend. Colts finally win a game, Packers finally lose a game, Tim Tebow loves running backwards, and both the Broncos and Giants defense decided to take the day off.

The new mode for UMVC3 came out. It actually seems stupid fun with all the cards and stuff. To bad I can’t play till tomorrow night cause I’m stuck in Laredo till tomorrow.



Where’s Hamm At…? N Onion Is Free




free to talk to whenever you have problems, so im here for ya buddy :), btw, you still wrecking shop in dallas and htown


who wants to play NBA Jam OFE?



I’ve had it since launch date and nobody plays it down here. It’s way better then the NBA Jam remake they released at the beginning of the year. The only thing I liked better in the first one was that there was an extra mode for playing 21 either 1 vs 1, 1 vs 1 vs 1, or 4 way free for all. Jive, Danny, and I had some good 21 games.



I think a few of our guys could break this guys world record.



Happy New Years everyone. Hope you all have a good one.:party:



Hey, we made it easier for you all on the traveling. We understand people have work/school/church on Monday and would like to get home on Sunday to get some sleep. We now… you don’t have to worry! We have condensed our event to a 1 day tournament, scheduled so that there isn’t any overlap on games to allow us to run them faster. You have all Sunday to get home… if you choose to go home that is, lol. All of the info has been updated, but I’ll drop a link for quick reference. Thanks guys, look forward to seeing you all again… and for the 3S Team Tourney. Bring it!

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100% serious I really want too go no bull shit if plane zero is not involved which since mr.wizard announced it I don’t think they well be I really want too go

Texas Showdown, Houston, Texas April 6-8