The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Texas Showdown doesn’t exist anymore (unless they brought back the name), it’s Showdown Championships and it’s done as part of the anime convention Planet Zero hosts.

However, if somebody else in Houston picked up the name and is running oh holly FUCK!!!

The game lineup is really freaking weird. I’m actually glad KOF finally gets put into the line up. Other the KOF and UMvC3 the rest of the games I’m kinda indifferent.

EDIT: I just looked up the anime convention Anime Matsuri and sure enough it’s on the same date for the tournament, and Showdown Championships is part of there lineup. Some big names have started to come back to the SC series so meh you never know.



Man nobody posts here in this thread anymore :(, i wouldn’t mind going to showdown championship, hope i can save some money by then


Do not buy the new NFL Blitz remake. It sucks dick upon epic proportions. I made the huge mistake of buying it as opposed to downloading the demo. I’m now out 1200 Microsoft Points. I just got caught up in the moment of seeing one of my favorite games remade and it turned into a regretable instant buy.



Damn, I was about to get it
I thought it was gonna feel like the old 64 Blitz games.

Thanks for the headsup
Anyone down for some online games??


If i was home yes, but sadly no :frowning:


I would recommend downloading at least the demo if you want to give it a shot.



I’m out for anything this weekend guys, I might be free Sunday if you all gonna watch football or something. However the outcome I will give you my Playoff picks for this weekend.
-Saints over 49ers
-Patriots over Broncos**
-Texans over Ravens
-Packers over Giants

**I really want Denver to pull off the W though. I don’t like the Patriots. Too bad Houston and Denver can’t play each other in the Super Bowl but I do want to see them square off in the AFC Championship game.

Who do I “WANT” to win? - Denver
Who do I “THINK” will win? - Patriots.



Only one was right out of your predictions, guess football don’t like you jim lol jk buddy


Last year I literally predicted the winner of every single game except one and made some flow in the process. I used all my luck last year. Basketball is my forte though oh well.




:party: :party: NYG!!! We in there baby!!! :party: :party:

Suck it bitches! (you know who you are)


EDIT: Since Tony Romo ain’t doing shit, I should invite him to my superbowl party.


For 3-4 hrs I will be rooting on the Giants during Super Bowl. They are the lesser of the 2 evils so go GIANTS!

Jive: Did you find the game online to DL so we can get that guy throwing punches LOL.



I know where to get it. Just haven’t bothered to DL it yet. Probably get around to it later on tonight. Melee attacks for the win.



Upcoming tournament on the 11th. Soul Calibur 5, UMvC3, and SF4:AE. 2pm registration, $4 venue fee, $5 per game entry.

More details on the event page.


Hmmmm, I see things haven’t changed much around here…


Wow Onion this is for you …seriously wtf??:wtf: I kinda do want to see this for the numerous LOLs to be had at this movies expense.

Youtube The FP and you will find the trailer. It flashes some titties for a brief second or I would post it on here.



lolz wow, that is sooooo random, lets watch it





He has returned!!! That post made me do this…



Anybody play Soul Calibur 5?


whats that?