The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


It’s this one game that’s on 360 and PS3 about people with swords, it plays a lot like Tekken in a 3D environment. Unlike previous games, this game actually is more legit and has good tools for almost the whole cast. Including legit oki, combos, among other things.


I wanna troll on SC so bad but I actually used to play it pretty serious back in part 1 and 2.

Needs more Killer Instinct.



2 was fun, I didn’t like 3 or 4. But, 5 is pretty solid. Though, it still feels like Tekken Light to me lol. But, it’s a good game.


If anyone wants to play SFxTK online hit me up.
Loving the game. I haven’t played footsies like these since 3s.


Tournament this Saturday at Let’s Play for UMvC3 and SFxT
It’s $10 for venue and to play all day, and $5 per tournament.

SFxT is singles 2/3 on XBOX BYOC gems might be disabled.
Same goes for Marvel
Hope to see everyone there!


Wow the only Saturday in months (minus my vacation) that I won’t be in Harlingen and a tourny pops up :frowning:

Are those weekly tournaments still going on in McAllen?



Just a heads up the tournament’s tomorrow

Registration starts at 1 and the tournament begins around 2-3

Hope to see everyone come out!


Good shit to everyone that made it out! Had a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll get vid of the matches.

Next one is in two weeks for SFxT and UMvC3 with possible 3rd Strike

Hope to see everyone show!


just uploaded the matches and the rest will be up tomorrow, heres the link, it has the main ones, sorry about the blurryness in the beginning


ey lets play online Onion
I’ll give you a couple Dante lessons :lovin:


I really hope I can make it out to the next tournament in 2 weeks. For like 3-4 consecutive weeks my family and my girlfriend’s family have birthdays. That weekend being no exception. I’ll just have to wait and see.



Ugh things aren’t looking good for me already concerning the tournament coming up in two weeks, I’d actually be free that Friday but not that Saturday. These tournaments are coming at the worst possible times and when I’m free there is no tournament going on :frowning:



Looks cool


Can anybody 100% confirm the Lets Play tournament this Saturday?

I had a 1% chance of going and now as of yesterday I’m about 50/50. Got my fingers crossed.



Yeah same here, need to know as well, got some people already asking if it’s this Saturday so they can get the day off


EVO has made it official that gems are banned for SFxT. Great move imo. I’m meh on the 2vs2. Doesn’t excite me nor does it piss me off.



Hey guys,

We finally got the event page set up over here on SRK. So this the bacon I’m bringing home:
$250 Grand Prize for SFxT
$150 guaranteed pot for KOF13
All ages are welcome

The venue is perfect for this event. Nice and cool, good music, bar, ample seating… I pushed pretty hard early this month and the venue went for it. I know that the fighters who go will have a great time.

If you like to drink, Deloreans has $2 lonestars and mikeys. Cigar bar is also next door. If you’ve never heard about Cigar bar, any beer is $2. Doesn’t matter if it is a coors or a sapporo or a blue moon. There is also another legit bar down the street that has $.50 tacos till 2am. We’re going to have a great time. You’re under 21? You can still hang at both places (not cigar bar.)

I’ve done a lot of work on the Facebook end and now Thanks to Bonnie from San Antonio, have been able to start advertizing on SRK. This is going to be a solid event. We’d love you have you.…alley-bar-event-mcallen-tx-mcallen-tx.157548/


SirFishouse: I added the tournament to the main event thread. The facebook link seems to be down. I even went to the critical hit page and clicked the link from there and received the same error. Whenever facebook decides to put it back up. I’ll go ahead and ad the link to the events thread.



Hmm, that’s weird about the links being down. Maybe they were doing server maintenance this morning. Thanks for your help Jim. Are you going to come by? I’ll make you a guest of honor. You get a free $2 beer.


LOL to bad I don’t drink :rofl:. I am interested in this tournament but can’t commit to it just yet. I had to miss the first tournament at Lets Play in like forever because I’ve been so busy. It is marked on my calendar though. I checked out DeLorean’s face book page. Cool concept for a bar; reminds me of Insert Coin in Vegas.