The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Anybody know if there is or is not a tournament this Sat at Lets Play?



From what I can tell it’s still on.

IIRC Jive’s also bringing a PS2 and 3s or CvS2 but that’s a big maybe. Marvel and SFxT will be there.


Well, I don’t have CvS2. But I’ve seen some of the TSTC regulars play it. Ask them to bring it if you can. I’ll see if I can catch them in the game room tomorrow and remind them to bring it. As far as 3S goes, I do have that. I’ll talk with the TSTC regulars tomorrow and see if I will need to bring my PS2, or if they can bring theirs. If I don’t see them at all tomorrow, I’ll just bring my PS2.

Rey has standard TV’s there in the back room, and said he’ll bring one out so we can hook up a PS2 to it. But I’m assuming that CvS2 and 3S was just for casual and lulz. I don’t think there will be interest for even a 4 man tournament… in either game. lol

So… is this thing starting at 2pm again?




They had a flyer for it at the Gamestop in the mall and it read Saturday March 31st at 2PM.

I am confirming my attendance for the tournament. I’ll probably pop up around 1:30 so I can get myself something to eat before the tournament starts. See you guys there. Also I’m down for some 3S/CvS2.



Woot 3 day weekend for me!



MK run in the bathroom at showdown. Sad but true.


I was reading the comments about the Showdown tournament and heard it was a HUGE mess. That really sucks to the people who payed $60 just to get in.

EDIT: Does anyone know if Lets Play is having a tournament again this weekend?



I only say the comments on Facebook.
Are there any links about from SRK?


Scroll down a bit on the comments to see where people start listing things that went wrong. I still LOL at the fact that people think they are entitled to a stream. In this case it was advertised but still.

Not so much this thread adds, just average bitching with one or two decent posts. Linked it anyway though
One post so far but I assume it will grow within the coming days. Seems the Houston facebook group has all the details on what went wrong.

Like I mentioned the Houston Facebook Group seems to have the most details however I don’t have a facebook profile so I haven’t read anything on their group page.



All i heard from twitter and facebook was that showdown was complete ass


Ranma himself posted up a results thread for Showdown

Also here is the neogaf thread on it



Tournament is this weekend, same as before. You guys have been giving a good turnout lately so here’s hoping this one’s the biggest! I can confirm my attendance for this one.

BTW the tournaments are biweekly so we have a schedule for these.


I’m not going to front Skullgirls is actually a good fucking game. The mechanics of how it works and plays is very solid and it is just fun. The game also looks very smooth and the animations move very fluent. I played the game yesterday for about 1 hr. Coming up with combos was fun. Right now I’m digging Valentine and Cerebella. Filia is starting to grow on me so I’m not sure if I should run a 2 person team with above average strength or a 3 person team with normal everything. I could ratio 4 it randomly but I would probably get owned.

Cerebella is probably one of the best grappler characters I have ever played. She almost doesn’t feel like a grappler. Valentine just fits my style so can’t explain much there but she has an insane amount of combo potential and I already figured out a few loops with her, her aerial game is just to good. Filia just seems like a solid character.

I have yet to try the online but this shit has GGPO so it can’t be that bad.



Well, saw kids trying to play it online at school… it looked like they were underwater. Saw some matches offline as well… meh. Didn’t look intriguing at all.

Isaac… where were you last time? You missed out on a good turnout! Looks a good chance I’ll be missing out on this one. Final project at school is destroying me and my weekend.



The Hollywood premiere of The Avengers happened yesterday and this shit blowing up hard in such a short time. The movie sounds fucking epic. And from what I read there is something after the credits (I already read a spoiler on it and if it is true then HOLY SHIT!!!, if not then obviously I don’t know what it is)


EDIT: I’ll probably be swinging by the tournament tomorrow to see whats up.



whens it coming out ?


The Avengers is on May 4th.

Another tournament at Lets Play in 2 weeks. Is SFxT on it’s dying days already? People are showing up to play Marvel but no one wants to play SFxT. Two tournament ago SFxT had 7 and yesterday it had 4. Marvel is consistently getting double digit participants.



This page is extremely boss

It’s an up to date page for the ST Tournament of Legends quals on Kuroppi’s site. Good shit. Really looking forward to seeing Kusumondos Honda in action. Damn I wanna play some old school ST so bad :sad:



Where’s my name on that Legends List :rofl:


All I have heard is good things about skull girls , as far as SFxT goes everyone is starting to admit to themselves what a terrible game it is there are people bitching about why is it even on the EVO line up because it is such a terrible game.