The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


I’ll admit that Playstation All Stars game looks kinda fun. Hell no as a serious fighter but I don’t mind it for shits and giggles. Parapper the Rapper made me smile. They seriously need to put the onion in that game.



I wont get it unless it has Final Fantasy characters. Im sure it will have them though


you want ff characters then play ehrgeiz for the ps1


That game is broken and awesome at the same time. We need tournaments for that.



SBO 3S quals

Good shit in these vids. I miss 3S :sad:



Games tonight? Ya’ll got my number.


Dammit man, well this Friday we can game if you got no plans this weekend :slight_smile:


It’s official I’m a firm believer of Divekick. So many mind games and it seems you need a seriously high intellectual level to play such a awesome testosterone filled fighting game. I need to become the best player in the world at this game.:nunchuck:Too bad I’ll probably never play it

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you my friend are surely missing out. Divekick - The One True Game - Out now on Steam/PS3/Vita BUY IT



Hey guys, a month from now on June 8th-10th we’re having our yearly major Fight For The Future here in Albuquerque at the annual Albuquerque Comic Expo. We’ve got 1000$ in pot bonuses and other assorted prizes.

The games featured will be
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (500$ pot bonus)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: Ver. 2012 (250$ pot bonus)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (250$ pot bonus)
Skull Girls
Soul Caliber 5
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat

Entry to the convention is 15$ for one day or 35$ for all three. you can buy tickets here

Each tournament is 10$ per game with pre-reg and 15$ at the door. You can pre-register for free here

For more information about the event check out our event page here

If you have any questions feel free to hit us up in the New Mexico thread, hope to see some of you there!


I will hopefully be making it out to the LP tourny on Saturday for Marvel. Keeping my fingers crossed. Has LP officially dropped SFxT yet? Ever since the first tournament they had for SFxT attendance for that specific game has been pretty bad and has steadily decreased. I believe at the last tournament only 2 people signed up for it. And before that it was 4. I don’t know of any other game that would bring even a full 8 for a bracket.

As like I say to just about anything…Needs more ST…

I don’t know much on how the arcade boards work for the cabs at LP but will the ST board work in the MvC2 cab? Seems to be the only cab with decent buttons.



MvC2 is a Naomi board, and ST Runs CPS2? Better off with MAME and a PC

Hopefully I can make this weekend too.


Yo, who’s going to EVO from here??
Holla at me in Vegas if you’re there.

Anyway, there’s a tourney at LP tomorrow?


YO! And probably.


My damn stick broke >> The buttons work fine and the wiring’s ok, but I don’t get any response out of the stick. The cord has a tiny cut but I dunno if that’s it.


So I got locked out of my old account and don’t have access to the email address. Eh.

J.D., do you have a phone this year? You missed out last year with the SCARFACE limo and shit.

I really appreciate you Harlingen guys coming out to our side of the Valley so often. I didn’t get to tell you there Jim, but it was a pleasure seeing you again. I meant to sit down and talk about some stuff on my mind but I was more busy than I thought [and super over heated]. Our next event is June 9th.


Dan? If this is you yeah man good shit seeing you again, been a long time. It’s awesome to see you and David pushing things the ways you guys are. Much respect.

Untitledprject: My stick broke last weekend also. The buttons are fine the but the stick started to randomly do it’s own thing and then it just stopped working all together.

Onion: Read above. Think you can help a brother out with my broke stick?



Yes, Dan. Forgot to put my name lolz.


Hey! EVO is around the corner so it’s time to get in as much tourney experience you can get.

June 2, 2012 - Waco, TX Just check out the link!=== >

If you can’t make it out to NorthWest Majors, Canada, or even Laredo, try to make it out to Waco.


Happy Belated Birthday to Onion!!!:encore::encore::encore:We are getting old.:coffee:



Damn if I was a dog my ears would be pointing sky high right now for how interested I am in this, but seriously HDR over ST?!?!?!?!?! It would be so boss if Capcom said fuck console all of this is on arcade, but we know that will never happen.