The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Thanks for the birthday greetings jim, lol, yeah I can help you guys out on both of your arcade sticks


I’m selling SFxT (PS3) for $30!! I also have an ad on Craigslist selling this game so if anybody from the valley wants to buy it then let me know here!!

text/call me


We are DEFINITELY going to this.

If you give me $30 I will take it off of your hands.


If I give YOU $30, you’ll take it off my hands?!?!? SOrry bro but I think it’s the other way around. If you give ME $30 you get to have it!!


No no no, not even game stop will take it for less than you giving them $40. I am cutting you a big DEAL! Trust me CHAMP!


I know what you mean but I’m not one to do deals with gamestop. I don’t really care, I just wanna sell it. Prize is kinda of low compared to other craiglist ad and amazon sales.


This makes me happy on so many levels. Doesn’t seem like they are dumbing it down either, looks like just a rebalance. I have much joy inside because the biggest complaint I had about the change to my character, Millia, got reverted back to her old school attack. When they changed her J.HS it broke my heart but now they changed it back to the old GGXX way I loved so much.

I know it probably wont pick up but still at least it is not forgotten.



GGs today James, yeah we should all try getting better at ASSF4 lol.

Thanks for fixing my stick.


Yeah man gg’s :), and we should, something else to play besides marvel :p, no problem glad I can help


The ST ToL has one of the most talented pools of players I have ever seen. This shit is so epic I want to cry.




I should be in that ST tournament! Needs more deejay I’d be best friends with Afro!!!


Been working at ST lately. Hopefully I can get one of those last minute spots at EVO xD


Damn Dallas Bar Fights pulled in 166 players. Good shit SW community. I lol’d at the entrant number for SFxT. Only 16 people. That game already has side tournament status written all over it. Numbers for Marvel and SF4 were very impressive.



Pools went live for EVO and then were taken down, but they will be up again shortly. Anybody know which of our guys are heading to EVO? Trying to see who gets to play who in their respective pools.



I got Tokido in my KOFXIII pool :smiley:


These TAC infinites are gdlk xD


well JD you are Mexican from Mexico and he is a Jap and it’s KOF you win by default beat his ass to the ground and when you win yell fucking loud VIVA LA RAZA


Don’t the Japanese players play kof13 with some top players from Mexico, thought I read somewhere about some Japanese players went to Mexico for a tournament for kof , Goodluck against him jd, any big names you got for your marvel pool


Japs aren’t on South Americas level when it comes to KOF that game is all South America :wink:


Good luck to all our players heading out to EVO. I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow morning so I won’t be able see whats up till I come home on Sunday.