The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


To all you valley homo’s missing the EVO hype!! Mexico’s Frutzy top 8…Where’s the valley at? :rofl:




Anyone here play kof xiii? Looking to play kof xiii competitively again, also play some arcana heart 3. I play with furix here in brownsville so anywhere in the valley is fine if anyone wants to hit up some games.


For those who care about the Valley crew. Everyone got raped except for Fro. He played Sakonoko first round in pools and got destroyed…the best part was his “dash foward grab” mixup and Sako just command grabbed him before the dash animation finished. He made it out of pools and was one round away from making to to losers finals in semi’s pools vs Rico Suave. Had he won, his next match would have been for top 32. He also made it out of Marvel but got raped in Semis pools. He couldn’t finish combos for shit, IDK if that was PS3 issue or just his lack of practice.

J lost to XSK Samuri in his WF of his pool. He choked and XSK made some amazing reads and adapted like a beast. It went to last round. He had to fight Jewelman in loser’s finals and well, he got bodied. The MU was against him and I think that might have effected his play.

Cesar didn’t get out of pools. I got destroyed in AE. Stripes didn’t enter. Hamm didn’t show up until the Tournament of Legends started. House, Jewelman, and Rain all made it out of their pools, they aren’t from the Valley but they rode with us over there. House tied with Fro for 48th or 42nd I believe. I am not sure how J.D did in anything.

It was fun. I wish more of the RGV could go.


Just saw the TTT2 Girl Power trailer and shit I’m not gonna front it was sexy as hell. Also I was doing backflips when I found out Tiger was going to be back.



Hey do you guys have like weekly meetups where you play marvel? I’m going to be going to a wedding in mission at the end of the month and was trying to play a little while i’m down there.


Depends which Marvel. Marvel 3 seams to be the hype down here. I’m sure a few MvC2 people would get together knowing you are coming down.



JOEY, yo its me max_85, just posting under another name cuz im so free to srk lolz,i usually have gatherings at my house every fridays but you would have to make it out here though :(, but if you want you can post on the critical hit facebook page and ask them where they get games in over there, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, i miss you broski and i want to play you, been hearing some BEASTLY things about you in umvc3 and how your like too good for texas lol


Yeah I mean Marvel 3, you guys get together and play anywhere DJ?

Max! I miss you too! How have you guys been down there? How far from Mission do you live exactly? I’ll pm you my number and just text me whenever you get a chance. I might try and see when they get together over at the critical hit place. Either way we need to get together some time soon, it’s been too long :frowning: .


I don’t play with them to much but they get together at Max’s house on Friday nights. Mission is a good 45-50 minutes away though from that destination. The critical hit guys always have stuff going on on that side of the valley. Hamm could probably show you whats up if he is in town.



Hamm is going through changes like a chick on her period :p, guy always works 13 hr shifts from what hear, and is busy after that, but who knows maybe if he heard that joey is coming down then me might just quit work and play marvel lolz


Hahaha, na don’t get your expectations up too high when it comes to me and marvel 3, you’ll just get disappointed hahaha. Like I said in my text message, i’m going to find out the next couple days when exactly i’ll be able to play and we can try and go from there. I’ll be able to play Thursday but then on Friday the wedding last until like 3 a.m. :-/ so if you guys can play Saturday I might stay Saturday and play, if not we might just have to get something together another time :-(. I’m def not good enough to go out of your way to play, i’m more looking forward to seeing all you guys, we haven’t hung out since before mvc2 was done :-(. You might not recognize me, I got fat! ugh.


Yeah, like Alex said. Anybody playing? This thread seems to have slowed down a lot in the past year or so. I’ve mostly been out of the scene for the past year due to trying to bring up my GPA in college and what not. Anybody still playing here?
KoF13, SSF4AE2012, UMVC3(I play a little, just recently picked it up again, I am bad and need a looot of practice), AH3, and the upcoming Persona 4 Ultimate.
(I still play all old games and what not, too).


Damn sounds like the Austin SF Anniversary tournament was stacked. I just looked at the results and it seems the heavy hitters from everywhere came out for those games. Surprised Afro Legends came out for this tournament being as there is a qualifier in Cali.

I really wanted to go :frowning: but all my money is tied into moving to my new apartment this week. Oh well.



Your moving? Why man


Because you know the location of my current residence. At the end of the week I’ll be in my new I guess you could call it a town home but it is listed as a two bedroom apartment. I definitely want people over to play games, but once I finally get settled.



Yeah that tournament was a blast.

I was a bit rusty since I hadn’t played much in a while, but I had fun at it.


the valley has a legit fgc? that’s too godlike! what are the closest thing to casuals or tournaments we have for umvc3?


The scene has been around for 12+ years we just aren’t in arcades anymore.

If you want casuals for UMvC3 definitely hit up Onion (F*CKTHESCENE) he has casuals for UMvC3 every Friday in Harlingen. He is always looking for someone to play and knows everybody who also plays that game. In the Edinburg/McAllen areas they have fight nights but I’m not sure what day, and there is some solid comp there. EVO is over but they did have tournaments what seemed to be like every 2-3 weeks for EIS. (EVO Initiative Series)



thanks man, i’ll definitely look into all those and more.


No problem and welcome to the community. We are very friendly and are usually willing to except anybody into our community. You will definitely make friends for sure and everybody is always willing to teach you if you want to learn. I see you are 15, age is no problem. Back when a guy named Luiz first joined the community years ago he was just a kid lol and there is a group that plays at TSTC that is mostly 17-19.