The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


I started at 14 with Marvel 2 and Luis pretty much taught me everything lol. 17 now and I think I can hold my own. Trust me we have an active scene here.

BTW DJ I think I saw you at the mall yesterday.

Anyone down for a sendoff tourny at Let’s Play on the 19th? It’s Lambo’s birthday and the last day it’s gonna be at the mall.


Hey all, I’m pretty mediocre at fighting games, but I love playing them. I mostly play UMvC3, but I also play others like KOF, BB, and some SF. I’m pretty much done with online, so I’m interested in looking for some offline competition. I live in Pharr and my PSN is Kombine47 if anyone wants to know.


Last time I went to the mall I was only at Sears cause I needed to buy a washing machine and that was two weeks ago.

Where is LP moving to? And I’m down for a moving tournament assuming I’m free. Isn’t the 19th a sunday though?



You actually live right near a lot of players who play everything, you should have no problems finding a get together. I think a fight night is coming up this weekend in that area. Don’t know the details though.



Yo they can’t do a tournament this Sunday, from what I understand ray has to start getting everything down and pack it up since they are moving on monday


Where are they moving to?




That Mrwizard scrub factor](‘’)


They are moving down on Jackson street


Happy birthday to Lambo! Not that he goes on here, but gonna be doing 18 unnecessary level 4’s today for my bro.


Happy birthday lambo if he ever gets on here lol


Man P4A is fun to bad most people i play against just autocombo to no end


Wow basically down your street. Not much over there for kids. Jackson St. Jubilee should get some people in there though.

When do they open up again? We should have a marvel tournament to break in the place.



They’re gonna reopen on the 27th


You guys know of any scene around Kingsville? Going to TAMUK there pretty soon. I play UMvC3, KOF13, P4A, and Skullgirls.


Last I remember a lot of the people who play go to the University there. You might want to check out the gameroom there or whatever it’s called when school starts and see if you see people playing. They do exist just gotta find them. All else fails hit up Corpus.



Bump for great measure.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out today.

And I read something that there will be a Anime get together and tournament at the new LP location towards the end of the September. I don’t know the exact day though so if someone knows please post it up.



29th??? I think who knows


Dayum, this thread is dead, btw this Saturday let’s play is having a tournament on the 29th, and a special 5v5 for umvc3,hope to see you guys there


Marvel Origins out today. AHHH YEAHH!!! I played during my lunch and lost my first 2 ranked matches and then my xbox froze…:bluu: These new games have completely fucked up my way of playing old school Marvel. I started attacking in MvC like if I was play MvC3 and I was just wait what the hell am I doing…and I’m dead:wasted:



Lucky :(, won’t be getting it till Monday to play