The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Would you guys happen by any chance know of any upcoming RGV events? (specifically AE)


I’m curious myself on when the next anything is as well. I had to miss the last one due to some sudden obligations.



Well the next event it this south Texas horror con that’s happening today and throughout the weekend, but you have to pay to get in, and the prices for that event ranges from 30-45$ I think, then after that you can participate in the tournaments, but that’s what I heard, don’t know if it’s true or not


Sup all. Wondering if this is the Edinburg thread?


It’s the RGV thread so yes Edinburg would be included. Welcome aboard :party:



Ah! Cool. Well my name is Aj. Pretty soon in January I believe, I’ll be moving to Edinburg…is there an arcade or everyone just meet up somewhere? I play SFAE and some marvel.

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That is actually the perfect spot for getting your game on since most of the action happens over there now. If you can find the Critical Hit Gaming group on facebook you should be able to find more information.



Awesome! Good looking out.
I’ll check it out.
My lil brother will tag along. Wants to check it out but only for a week. He will be heading back to California.
He a better than I am on marvel. We tied on AE. Hate his Rufus.
But I take tourneys lol

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Welcome to the rgv tru, yes, in Edinburgh or the surrounding city’s, you’ll some of the best competition there is for marvel and ae, but in order for you to get your game on with them you need to hit up there Facebook Page called critical hit, there they usually do meet ups or gatherings, and or go off topic and say random shit lol, either way broski, here’s hoping in getting some games in/meeting with you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the hospitality. Iook forward to meet u all. My lil brother Abe will tag along for a few…think u guys heard of him. He goes by Neo.
So yeah think I found a place in McAllen.
Well I’ll check out Critical hit.

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Neo is bro, wow, man last time I played that guy is when he went to Dallas for the mm with fanatiq and toan, wouldn’t mind getting some games with him in ultimate for sure then


That was awhile ago. I was visiting my relatives in Irving while he was there. And the other time with that Big MM with Rudy. Good times. But he more mahvel, I’m SfAE. Wanted a MM with Jewel man but it never happened. But since in in the same state i get to challenge Texas best. I was at arcade UFO last winter. Cool kats.

So anyone on XBL? My gamer tag is Truaj79

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Awesome man, I’m sure you’ll find some great competition in both games down here for sure, man I sure hope you can handle hot weather man, cuz the weather down here in on a whole other level big time haha, my gamer tag is James aar0n,but atm I ran out of live so sorry about that :frowning:


No worries, I’m use to the weather.

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I won’t be at a computer probably for the next day and half so HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!



Got a ps3 name is aar0n_james85, add If you want to play tekken or marvel since that’s the only games I play since I’m real bad at ae :frowning:


Add me:

EZ-THE-CHAMPION (Primary Accnt)
OMEGA_-SHENRON (Troll accnt/just created it)

Sold TTT2 after owning Burgers (AKA SHIZUMA_15) and platinum the game! New to UMVC3, just bought it like 3 weeks ago and already owned Alvaro (AKA BBoyPozin) the guy that used to live here and moved to Austin!! If I’m full on my primary accnt then send me friends request to my OMEGA accnt! Oh and sorry but don’t play AE, they should retire this game…seriously!

IF you don’t know who I’m talking about, Alvaro is the guy in red shirt/cap!! You know who he is! LOVE THE VIDEO LOL!!


End of the world party at Jims house tonight ALL OF SRK IS INVITED :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo anyone down for some UMVC3 or Halo 4 on XBL?
Hit me up!


I probably won’t be on the internet for the next 6-7 days. So Merry Christmas to all you guys and have a Happy New Year.