The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Happy new yr guyz, try to keep your new year resolution this time :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone going to the Spam Tournament this 26th?


Any games going on tonight?


Dood, where have you been man, you almost done with school :p, there was games at my house Friday night, but didn’t check on the thread till now haha, why don’t we get some games in this Friday man


One more year and I’m done with school man, then I’m off to the USAF to get my gold bar. If all I had was school and work I’d be good but I have to lose some weight so I’ve been hitting that cardio and circuit training pretty hard. It sucks hearing from people that it looks like I’m losing weight, I hate being small man lol. I’ve always wanted to be big but I need to lose about 20lbs to be eligible for the Air Force. But yeah man, I’ll see what’s up this Friday. I’ll shoot you a text Friday night.


Texas Showdown is back and without Planet Zero :eek:



Wow what happened to SRK?!?!?! I understand change and all that but not sure I like this new type of forum.


damn wtf is this place!




Your accent is sexy.


I’m too lazy to start a new thread so I’ll just post links to my uploads here.
My Channel:
Latest Video:


New video explaining how to cancel into teleport after helicopter for Dante.






Yes sir i am, but you see right now im in corpus so i wont be home til august which is right around da corner. Anyways theres this epic store here called classic video games and they got everything, but im debating if i should get ff tactics, digimon 3, or chrono cross. Im stuck lol.


Whats new here lol


Hello, im from Brownsville and I play AE. PSN: MONSTERER-
looking forward for some online or offline games.


AE o_o


BEAR!!! Lets play online or something, you got XBL?


Hello everyone. I will be back in the valley for about a week starting September 2nd.

Will there be any AE tournaments and is there anything greater than a DDR Supernova in the RGV?