"the rice bowl" ssfiv- montclair, nj - 8/22/10


//RICE, ULTRAS, LINKS and… salt//


Where: Azianné
183 Glenridge Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

When: August 22nd 2010 Sunday
Registration/casuals @ 6:00pm
Tournament begins @ 7:30pm

Fees: $5.00 venue/$10.00 for tournament (Pot)

Directions from NY Port Authority
Take Bus:
66 Decamp to Montclair (Decamp/Academy ticket window ) proceed to Gate 412
Park St (YMCA) stop

Carpooling is recommended, please make arrangements accordingly
Buses stop running @ 11:50pm
IF you miss the last bus or need to get to train station we will do a drop off to Newark Penn Station

Please be punctual so that the tournament can stay on schedule

BYOC- bring your own controller!

Drinks and Quality Food will be sold on premises

Let everyone know!
the more the merrier & the more salt :wink:

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
(e-mail: tea_puff@yahoo.com)
[call me @ 973.619.2024]

Brought to you by Mei aka ‘Teapuff’

Azianné | Facebook

The venue is my restaurant so please be respectful of it ?

How far from NYC?

Also to be clear, $15 fee, thats $10 that goes into pool and $5 that goes into venue fee? or viceversa?

$10 pool- $5 venue

its about 40-45 min bus trip from port authority bus terminal =)

sounds better than other places charging $10 for venue. I’ll be there :tup:

2nd helpings? :sad

lolllll i wish i was charging 10 dollars venue fee, but since im selling food i dont mind too much =P

Do you have a liquor licence ? :wink: If not can it be bring your own?¿

no liquor license, bring at your own discretion =)

the 2nd time around will b 2nd helpings =))

my tummy hurts

from what? too much rice?

click for the facebook invite

Are their going to be other setups running alongside the tourney for casuals or anything? I never bothered with tourneys because I would just get my ass handed to me, but I live close enough to literally walk there and I’m wondering what else will be happening.

really hope i can make this one.

It would be wonderful if you come, venue fee is $5. There will definitely be casuals throughout for people who just wanna hang out and etc. and check out the scene.

ill try to be there!

i hope that you can make it =)

Is it “glen ridge” instead? this is the only way i could get it to show up in googlemaps: 183 glen ridge ave, Montclair, NJ 07042 - Google Maps

is that right?

its one word… “glenridge” (on the map you should see n. willow and forest are perpendicular to it, we are situated btwn the two streets)