The "right" way to win

I though I would bring this up since a lot of new players have risen since SF4 came out. Back in 2006 I came back to fighting games after a 5 year hiatus. And some of my competition ended up being what many people consider “scrub” level.

Anyway whenever I beat someone who feel I shouldn’t win, I get “if you couldn’t throw you would lose”. Last week while trying out Bison against a friend in SF4, he told me “if I wasn’t for that stomp/scissor kick” you would have nothing. Normally I just take it as whining and brush it off. But then I wondered, in the mind of scrubs is there a “right way” to win?

If there is a right way to win, what is it? Seriously, I would like to know because I find that bitching about certain methods of winning to be annoying.

The right way to win is to let them win.

thats like saying “If i wasn’t for that fireball thingy your ryu/sagat would be nothing” wtf?? :confused:

scissor kick (LK) is easily bison’s best move, it your right and duty to abuse that shit… especially if he has no way to counter it.

and NO there isn’t a right way to win, to answer your question.

The right way: Deplete opponents life bar.

Scrubs bitch because they’re scrubs. I hate bad matchups, some characters(KOF Clark/Choi/Billy). But I don’t call players cheap. I don’t degrade them because of how they won.
A win is a win. Scrubs want to play however they want and win and when that shit doesn’t cut it they cry.

One guy I played a couple times bitched I throw too much. Really? I must say the awesome mixup that is walk up>throw is far more effective than I thought.

We all hate hearing people bitch about how they lost. If it bothers you so much you can
A)Tell them to eat a dick and STFU
B)Start throwing matches so they feel better about themselves.

I’m a prick, so guess what I do?

If it wasn’t for those normals specials supers ultras combos cancels links spacing zoning mind-reading knowledge and experience you would have nothing!

Some ways of winning are more meaningful than others…an example would be making a bad choice like jumping in at the end, and the opponent doing an anti-air that is supposed to outprioritize that jump attack but mysteriously gets beaten by the jumpin. In this case, the winner won on shaky grounds, especially since he was the one that made the mistake in the first place.

OP is playin’ y’all for April Fools.

You shouldn’t rely on gameplay that doesn’t have growth potential even if it wins (only on the low level). Example, if you can defeat your friends by jumpin then roundhouse over and over or repeated throws on games where throws aren’t even hard to get out of.

You might get the win but if you ever want to improve at the game then you might find it hard to break bad habits of using scrubby tactics that work against local comp, but aren’t that good against other good players.

As far as someone bitching cause they lost to tactics like that, fuck them they are worse than you if the tactic is so stupid as they claim then they gotta beat it instead of crying about it.

Just ask a scrub. It’s simple, the “right” way to win is to allow your opponent to combo you (don’t block, thats cheap). Then you go ahead and combo the opponent (he won’t be blocking, he has too much honor). First one to flashy background honor lights wins!

If a scrub loses, you won the “wrong” way. They always find something to complain about.

Basically, brush it off and tell them to stop whining

The right way is to win by any means necessary. I know it can be frustrating to lose against certain tactics but the pros learn ways to beat them, and the scrubs just whine about it.

exploiting bugs is cheap btw.

True but only if it’s not available to everybody.

Winning is EVERYTHING, so really, there is no right or wrong way to win in fighting games.

But cheesing someone to death does not earn you any respect, I’ll say that much.

The right way to win is to beat the other guy. Simple as that.

How can you respect someone who loses to that?

this is the right way to win:

The right way to win is to do everything within your power to win. It someone is stupid enough to allow me to throw them over and over, I’m going to do it. Regardless of how good you are though, you’re always going to run into scrubs who will make excuses about how you won. I remember playing a guy on xblive named Dekor. Everytime I managed to win a round against him he’d say “Your Welcome” in the mic. He also claimed that he never gets legitimately beaten and that the only reason he loses is because he makes mistakes.

Wait, wut?

youve rly never heard that word? o wait… april fools got me again…

The right way to win is to clearly pull out the other guy’s controller.

I can’t believe more people DON’T do this.