The "right" way to win

Winning the right way is sort of like making burgers.
Make sure your normals and specials are meaty like Mandingo,
add to them copious amounts of cheese,
and then stick it all inbetween the opponent’s warm buns.

If you didn’t have Street Fighter IV you wouldn’t have won.

I would agree completely, problem is im a scrub. When i played 3s and beat “non scrubs” with my “random” tactics they would always say $hit like " you dont play right" or my favorite “who does that” And say i won because of gimmicks. So scrub or no scrub some people always have an excuse why they lost or how you don’t play right.


I think he just meant stop beating the living fuck out of a guy. I guess if you beat someone’s ass 10 times in a row, without it being a competition, maybe go a little easy on him. If anything so you can switch characters.

Seeing as how USA is the country of dumb lawsuits, I’m kind of surprised nobody has tried sued a fighting game company after they lost to a cpu opponent that was using “cheap tactics,” lol.

throwing is essential to any players game. punishes dem turtles and infuriates noobs. plus they look cool. especially dans “i cant carry u” throw in sf4 lol i pick him just to spam that slam over and over

the “right” way to win is to play smarter, soild and cheap if your opponet has a weakness.

If you can convey enough skill/technique, you’ll rarely get any criticisms.

Despite being a completely legit style of play, it frustrates people whenever someone is beaten by strong “basics”. It looks lucky, simple, there is less tangible skill involved. Sure, it’s part of what makes fighting games so great, arguably demands equal overall skill, can win you plenty of matches, etc. It’s just that it commands a lot less respect at a glance.

If I beat someone with well timed naked specials, standing hard kicks, looping the same safe pressure, etc. I’m 100x more likely to get hatemail or backtalk than if I do a variety of different links, chains, clever and minimal throws, some kind of juggle, FADC(or FRC in GG), combo to super(esp. from links,) etc.

Do more cool, technique-y shit, and the only backtalk you’ll get is “you play too much.”

When was the last time you were frustrated at losing to someone who used all of both meters in one combo?

If you’re of the of the mentality that the only thing that matters in casuals is winning, and that it’s cool to slaughter your 4 year old cousin-with-downs in a soccer game… then you probably don’t care what anyone thinks anyway.

TLDR: hit training mode and accompany your “strong basics” with more “cool shit” and nobody will complain, and you’ll get more respect from laypeople (and good people!)


The right way to win is to play on the left side of the screen.

But seriously, it’s by beating your opponent and outsmarting him.

Use low strong.

The fuck is that? I will cheese on that ass all day son.

People who aren’t good at fighting games or don’t take them seriously tend to make up rules to cover their lack of knowledge. So if they lose they act as if you’re playing Monopoly and make up rules so that if you win…they can say you were going against the specific rules that make up the way they like to play the game. It’s like a pee wee basketball player making up rules against an NBA player to justify his losses. Obviously he has nowhere near the knowledge or skillset to beat the NBA player so they find situations where they can’t adjust and make up rules.

When players don’t realize there is a knowledge and skill gap during situations where they can’t adjust they hit barries and make excuses. Just remember to never stop being the NBA player and you’ll be good. Make them adjust or they’ll just stop playing on their own.

Losing doesn’t get you respect either.

Very true.

Miyagi: Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later
[makes squish gesture]
Miyagi: get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,”
[makes squish gesture]
Miyagi: just like grape. Understand?

Pick Ryu and throw. A lot. Don’t even use any punches or kicks or specials. Tell the scrubnubs that you’ve always wished SF had a judo character and you’re trying to make that happen.

Also tell them that you just kicked their ass with nothing but throws and that maybe, just maybe, they might consider, oh you know, taking one hand off their cock while they’re playing. <— the RIGHTEST way to win

That Liston kid is never gonna be able to compete in a tournament again under his real name. :rofl:

The “right” way to win is however possible. Like pausing during your opponents tricky combos.