The Rindoukan Bible — Printed Makoto Guidebook


UPDATE: JULY 23 2012
Ver 1.01
-corrected wakeup timing off of backthrow (-4f)
-corrected backdash frames (from 26f to 27f)
-added jump frames (4+36f)
-minor typo fixes

UPDATE: JULY 20, 2012
Ver 1.0 released

I think you should also include what the makoto gods think of training mode. Exactly how do they use it. Not just the standard “perform a move 100 times in a row” description, but how do they approach training. What options do they select, what specific set ups do they practice and why. How do they test new technology. Do they use a training buddy or the training dummy. How do they practice spacing, patience, focus attack/counter attack reaction speed. Over all training theory not just how to perform a specific move.

Linked the url for the guidebook on the first page of the Q&A thread


I promise I’ll contribute when I actually play AE … haven’t played it in two months.

Like this idea a lot. I’ve been just writing everything from here and what i found out on a notebook for now, but i think this is a much better idea.

feel free to conduct and interview and get back to me :slight_smile:

remember to share anything i don’t have covered. lol.

hey guys, status update. newest WIP version is available here:

have a look and pass along any feedback, especially if you disagree with any of my writing.

thing’s turning into a BEAST.

i really really like your idea blackadde! im always printing out my notes and most of the notes here on the forums so this is great!
looking forward to it!

I’m getting stuff together for a writeup on Rufus. He was my main through Vanilla, but I was still pretty fresh to FG’s in general so if it wasn’t a divekick, I didn’t know what was going on. Been playing him more in casuals to get a fresh perspective on the character. I should have it up here by Saturday.

Makoto’s setups are relatively universal when it comes to safe jumps and meaties. Knowing that Sagat, Cammy, etc. wake up a frame later means a lot because a lot of setups are frame perfect, meaning things start whiffing. Knowing that is very, very practical for anyone using setups.

hey izuna, you’re right. this definitely isn’t a ‘getting started’ guide, although much of the introduction copy hasn’t been written yet. it’s mostly intended as a definitive reference guide for a game that’s (hopefully) going to be played for a while. think of it as an in-depth japanese mook focused on just one character.

keep in mind that it’s also still in it’s infancy, too. inserting images and captions will help a lot with the information density. :slight_smile:

Looks really good. Will definitely help new Makoto players, like me.

hey dudes: been regularly adding images and such. check out the latest version here:

I love the Fukiage distance picture. I’d like very much to see more stuff like that; maybe a Karakusa picture chart (Kara all strengths, s.LK Kara all strengths, naked Karakusa) in the near future?

Edit: Oh, and when I did the defensive guide in AEMAKOTO, I did a little thing on AAing. I made a REALLY bad picture on the spaces around Makoto on where to use Fukiage, c.MK, s.MP, s.MK, s.LP, c.HK, and even a rainbow behind her for jb.HP, LOL. Generally I stayed to each normal’s good hit-box range (hit-box outside of hurt-box decently enough) and less just getting an attack out, though there’s definitely AA potential with other less desirable ranges. Question: could you implement that in an AA section? Hell, if you took your Fukiage picture then snazzed that up a bit, that’d be ace.

I have never seen U1’s hitbox till now , and I dont understand how I’ve been hit with U1 against vryu while I’m doing a tsurugi … the hurtbox on tsurugi must be ass … I’ve been cr Jabbed out of a tsurugi … IT’S SO ANNOYING

If you are getting hit out of it, to Neutral jump Tsurugi. MUCH better hitbox, and her hurtbox isn’t so far forward IIRC. I really wish Forward Jump Tsurugi had the same hitbox as NJ Tsurugi. Don’t think you can avoid vryu’s telepathing U1 though lol…

yeah but that way i wont be able to combo with HP or hit with ex oroshi (i think) -.- so ill have to do this in the corner then , btw you know a lot about sticks right ? Cause my down back screws my inputs , do you know what might cause the trouble ? I get uppercut or nothing at all too often , its driving me crazy

EDIT: Damn right about the telepathic thing though…

I was thinking something like this in the AA section, but more thought out and, uh, not this.

BTW, if anyone is looking for a professional artist, I’m looking for jobs. $200 an hour, $100 minimum.

i’ll, uh, think about it. haha.

it’s perfect