The Rise of So cal and WC begins now

from recent results, it seems wc is fallin off and ec taking over, we can’t let that shit happen…

So im holding practice sessions, and it’ open to anyone(mostly) as long asi know you…lol.

today ppl gonna come over so it will be dope if you can stop by hit me up on my cell or on aim: Pazzle da Pusha

gg we suck…

yall niggas need to start playing

hey potter… im interested in going for a mvc2 practice session… ive played you before but ive never really introduced myself so i doubt you really know me, but if im still allowed to go then hit me up on my aim aznhadoken510 i was there friday… i was the guy that played ur ironman cable doom team and then left anyways peace

let’s do this

i hear ec is gonna have a candle light tournament for the crucifixion of mike ross by the hands of hyo … this shit is getting outta hand we cant be letting these ec niggas be thinkin that they can kill us all, its sad that mike lost but hey whats happend, happend all mike can do is up his game so that shit wont happen again same thing with taiji … like potter said wc needs to get it together ill be sure to try to head over to these practice sessions and bring some FFA light to this tragedy and hopefully help this demise…

WC …dont bust a lakers :lol: every one thought we had it but ended up getting raped

i did decent at mwc, like 9th or around that, but i know i could have done better, nearly every team at mwc had capcom on it, it’s time for me to practice mst

EC definitely stepped their game up this year… one month left till evo, time to practice hardcore

clock needs to dump ffxi and go back to mvC2!

i fucking hate that song potter
but damnit
step our games up bitches

yall niggas need to mix baking powder with cocaine and sell that shit anyways yea nigga potter be telling it how it is.

fukken eastcoast…

you inspired me potts. I told albert i wasn’t going, but i’m gonna fucking go, my nigga. I’m gonna work my ass off for the last spot for one of the so cal teams for cvs2 :eek:

yeah ya’ll can stop laughing now :frowning:

You can do it, Kenny!!! :slight_smile:

everyone is invited…
yeah, the time is now batchfaces…

what about az?you guys should hit us up

i’m down for some practice…even though…most, if not all, you guyz probably don’t know me…i just need practice…period…shit’…i gotz love fo’ the West Coast!..

This is a good idea.

I will hold GGXX practice sessions at UCLA. I’ll even chip in for parking if people show up.

Lets rock.

gg’s to everyone that came and thx for showing, heopfully we can get more of this madness soon for evolution 2004

true that dunn. GG’s pha sho. i might stop by later again my nozzle, gotta rep empire dip$et to the fullest. lets GET EM GIRLS!!!

also- bill ur final countdown ringtone is the phucken rillest

~TAQUERIA #5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

rapage of EC begins…

Awesome job Potter. You’re a fucking leader.

Good luck everyone. Like Dan said, don’t pull a Lakers. Practice up, and show them who’s still the #1 coast. I know you can do it!

aight dunn, just come over and bring the pad holster…=O

next time if that many ppl show, we’ll run a round robin or sum shit, so it don’t get boring fo shozzle…