The Rival Schools Event 3: Rock it like it's Spring Break


The date is official Feb. 26th. (Saturday)

Each school must elect their own team captain. The captain will handle most of the actions of the team. He/She will handle money, team selection, team order, and information of the event.

-Event starts at 4PM and ends at 12AM.
-Doors open at 3PM
-All teams must be at UCI by 3:30PM

I’ve booked this room a good month ahead for everyone. Please, I BEG all of you, come on time. Be early; come at 2PM so you guys can eat/chillax before the big day. This is enough time for all of you to contact/schedule a day from your boss, advisor, parents and have the date free. This time I cannot tolerate tardiness.

The event is very long, but that’s the point. I’ve gathered you all to come and sit down for basically a huge gameplay orgy of SSF4, so you guys can all learn and trade/exchange information with one another. The event needs everyone to be there, so please be kind and show up on time. Just know that if you keep 1 team waiting, you keep all teams waiting.

Entree - 50$
Venue - 10$ (Sorry, we had to rent this place out)

There is NO food allowed in the room so please eat outside. Last time there was trash everywhere and I constantly had to walk around and pick up trash that wasn’t mine.

There are food courts and chairs outside the room so please eat the lobby. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break to eat a snack. Just please do it outside.

There is also a university town center right across the street ,including:
KFC, Taco Bell, In-n-out, Cha for tea, and many more.

I’ve said this before, park in the parking lot. It’s 8$ and that should easily be covered if everyone in the car pitches in.

There are also other ways.
Park on the streets of the neighborhoods. It’s free, but the walk is a bit longer, it’s not that big of a deal if you wanna save money. Also, read the signs, there are signs everywhere telling where you can/cannot park.

More to come so plz stay tuned.


Round Robin between all schools. This is the third time around so everyone should be familiar with the way I run this system. There may be alot more schools, which means I’m gonna need alot more set ups.

It’ll be a mikado style when the schools face each other (meaning)-
1 vs A - 1W
2 vs B - BW
3 vs C - CW

when the matches come full circle then-
1 vs B

All matches will be out of 1. You only get one chance for each school, so make your games count.

Rules for UC’s:

  • 1 Member must be currently enrolled in the school
  • Allowed to contact and recruit any members within their school, including ALL alumni

Rules for Cal States:
-2 Members must be currently enrolled in the school

  • Only allowed to contact alumni’s from the class of 06’ on up.

Community Colleges:

  • All members must be currently enrolled in the school
  • No contacting any alumnis from the schools.

Assumed teams that will be there.
LA Community College(s) - Combination of all LA county CC
OC Community College(s) - Combination of all Orange County CC
Special Teams - ???
Wild Card (maybe, if i don’t feel lazy…) - ???

Colleges that I want to reach:

This time around I’m going to expand the amount of schools to come and play. I welcome ALL schools to come and participate in this event that I have not listed above.

SD community college(s) - Combination of all SD CC
Riverside community college(s) - Combination of all Riverside CC
NorCal Universities and Junior Colleges

THIS IS A WINNER TAKE ALL EVENT! First place get’s all the money




Rival Schools 3 Results:

  1. Cal State Long Beach
  2. UC Irvine
    T-3. Team Wild Card, UCLA, Orange County Community Colleges
  3. UC Riverside
  4. Cal State Fullerton

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Side Tournament RESULTS + Shoutouts:

  1. Richard “Dick Troll” Nguyen - winner of $81.00 (pretty lame until you think about how he only paid $3)
  2. Alex “Calipower” Valle - Thank you so much for coming out and showing your awesome Captain America/Mexico/China
  3. Minh Hoang - You proved it, MvC3 is a super lame game
  4. HALPME! - Good showing! Stop bugging me about the status of the tournament >_<
  5. Namikaze LainySky Satellite - Glad to hear you’re already recovering from your cold
  6. Warren - Magneto is so gooooood
  7. NoName - What the hell I thought you restricted UCI from playing MvC3 when did you become good?
  8. Duy - You and Minh’s teams man… siiiigh
  9. Jayce the Ace
  10. Hadoken!
  11. Choysauce
  12. KaoticDragon
  13. Warahk
  14. Tau
  15. AndyOCR
  16. Cameron
  17. Adam
  18. SHBL Tim
  19. DJ Divine
  20. Andre Wong
  21. Lord Zaldivar
  22. evilragnarok
  23. Chris Luong
  24. Frank
  25. Nam
  26. matashioqt
  27. Dave Kim

Thanks to everyone who participated, even though it was late and hectic. Apologies for sometimes having people wait hours between matches due to RS3, but I already warned you all about that. Also if you were in RS3 and had me constantly bugging you every 15 minutes, sorry about that, just wanted to know when I could call your match =).

I hope everyone had a fun time! Videos and Pics will be uploaded on this post as soon as I get them ready.

MvC3 pools:
MvC3 top 8:



oh boy oh boy


UCI first tier selection:
Richard Nagoojen
Thomas D’oh

UCI alumni pool:
DJ Divine
Blacktastic Nambo


Dang, I’m excited. Get Hite!




Oh damn, looks like shit is gonna get real. UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT


Yay UCR can get bodied now.


can CC Transfers get in this??.. LOL


Damn UCI Alumni’s, you old peeps need to lay low :P.


I agree

UCLA Top Tier:

UCLA Pool:
Kevin Dang

UCLA Alumni Pool


fixed my post. forgot about the vietnamese daigo


i hear from james chen that if we were playing super turbo then ucla alum would be too OP

oh and theres also abbas, quartzblade, and kevin dang, who were all on the team last time


First post updated.


UCI team needs a tryout for 3 spots

  1. Richard Nagoojen
  2. Thomas D’oh

let’s go


Hey guys, is it ok if LACC and OCCC joined forces?


Only if it’s okay for UCLA and UCI to join forces.

  1. Richard Nagoojen
  2. Thomas D’oh
  3. Marqus
  4. LainySky

UCLA VS UCI tryouts

let’s go