The Road To T5 - 2nd Stage Results (CvS2, MvC2, 3S)

Sadly we didn’t get Super Turbo off the ground.

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (7 Entrants)

1st - Gerjay 2001
2nd - Jiggabry
3rd - Ratio1beatdown
4th - Crayz Penguin
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - EX_Matt
7th - Deathfist


1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Arcade Legend
3rd - Kymah
4th - Gerjay 2001
5th - Jiggabry
5th - Shadowfighta
7th - The Original Gatsby
7th - ChaChaMan
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Nate
9th - Tristan
9th - RPGv2
13th - WB!
13th - Troung
13th - L.S.D.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (16 Entrants)

1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Mr. Kam
3rd - Shadowfighta
4th - Arcade Legend
5th - RPGv2
5th - Poke Guy
7th - L.S.D.
7th - Gerjay 2001
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - EX_Matt
9th - Wilson
9th - Kymah
13th - The Cate
13th - Chono
13th - VeggieBob
13th - WB!

All I’ve got to say is MR. KAM! OOOHHH SHIIIIIIT!

LOL secret training!!!

GJ R1BD for placing so high in mvc2, u must be training really hard :slight_smile:

Why don’t you stfu and go to orbit to play ggxx 4 times a week… Now that’s secret training! OMGHI2U!!

sniff…now u gone and hurt my precious feelings.
Now all I need is my face photoshopped on a girl getting fucked by a huge BLACK cock…I’ll threaten everyone who makes fun of me, quit #tosf, get fired from my 1 day job and play ggxx 5 times a week and say I’m really not. Thats not secret training, that would be me getting owned.

haha owned, thats beef dennis :stuck_out_tongue:



Thats what teeth are for.

Damn, that’s owned worse then fritz.

Haha that’s funny. This coming from a fucking jobless fuck who goes to Orbit everyday to play ggxx, spends the rest of his time on tosf or watching combo videos and still gets owned by all the fobs in ggxx. That’s not secret training, that’s your fucking pathetic, worthless life.

ps. If you happen to find some free time from your gaming sessions, can you make me a t5 av that says “Suck a DIDS”.

Oh god dennis please stop!! I’m sorry dennis, I really am. I’ll apologize.

I’m sorry u can’t keep a job for more than a week cuz ur ugly and quite stupid (even if u claim to come from the hardest hs in ONTARIO?)
I’m sorry u lose to me in cvs2 as well
I’m sorry u think u had to play the life card, seeing how you used to be the biggest loser on tosf (I say “used to be” in tosf cuz u ran away crying after having your really ugly face photoshopped on a girl getting handled by a fat dick…sorry long black dick).
I’m sorry you had to cry alone in your room, in the dark…
I’m sorry your rank has dropped from biggest loser on tosf to biggest loser on srk
I’m sorry u think u know the skill lvl in ggxx and how many times i play per week even tho ur a scrub at pretty much every game.

Can we please make up? It’ll be kinda wierd at dinner time…Your mother and i do not like it when u sulk and pout son, you should be more like your sister…we love her.

If u be good, then we can watch your favourate show!!!


This whole thing b/w these two…all a joke right…right?

looks like quote 41 wouldnt save dennis this time :frowning:

How can I hate Dennis?..I love him like a son

Hahah I’m the loser?? How about you? What the fuck do you do with your life besides play video games? Don’t you have any friends, besides your buddies from srk? Yea im the loser for not coming onto an irc channel because of things called a job and friends. I can’t believe you actually took the time to photoshop that picture. Go save up your allowance for evo.

Guy ive seen some of your friends…nothing to brag about. My friends outside of srk aren’t into fighting games like me so why would I mix them up into this? BTW you are loser and also hypocrite…you’ve clocked more days on #tosf than I could ever have. Everyone knows ur a fag. U’d log on, brag about being banned from rogers for downloading cartoons made for teenage girls. U would continue to brag about downloading xx ammount of gigs (what kinda of koool guy does that?) Then u’d brag about how ur school is the best in the country, brag about being jobless, brag about owning a online company with your “friends” (I assume the friends u’r talking about is the guy u licked frosting off his chest). In the end, you are a just a tool who doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have a job, has parents who hate him, and had your balls shot up to ur stomach thanks to adrian.

ps: That pic was made a day after u ran away, crying when u saw “the pic” of urself. That was jokes, even clayton was getting hits off you.

pss. I think that pic took 10minutes to do, i bet u downloaded 30 gigs around that time too right?

psss. i suggest u stop playing the life card…thats an edmonton trick. Uve already blurted out ur pathetic life to everyone while I know better. Why don’t u tell everyone about how your parents hate you and love your sister again?

pssss. “you know, I have the MCW PICS” *sniff, “I CAN DO THE SAME TO ALL OF YOU!!!” * points to everyone in #tosf, then storms out of the chan in tears.


too good

Stephen doesn’t talk much, but when he does. It’s damn funny.

You only love him like a son cause you’re doing his mother! :lol: