The Road To T5 - 2nd Stage Results (CvS2, MvC2, 3S)

Holy Shiza Batman is return of the AzN Bomber and GemInite

I’m going to refrain from making any comment about dennis or stephen since I’m old now. However I did see those photoshop pictures and man they are gayer than clayton and me combined.

Christ that was some funny shit.

:eek: OH SHIT IT’S BARRY ON SRK! :eek:

Come to T5 and play R4 Honda vs R4 Kim.

And update your avatar for Christ’s sake. Stephen will hook you up.

Stephen doesn’t say much but DAMN look what happens when he does. Remind me never to piss that man off. Remember everyone owes him ice cream at T5 for their avatars.

lol not anymore dude!

Anyway shrug I like everyone, so I have no comment on the argument. =/

:lol: OH MAN! I MEAN… WOW! OH GOD! Gay doesn’t even describe it. This takes Clayton’s pseudo gayness to levels I never thought possible. :lol:

Sick Costume

Clayton is my hero

I lub you guys to

why mr clayton WHY???


Wow. Stop beasting Stephen :eek:

What? What’s this about best HS in Canada & stuffs?

Dennis Kim… that isn’t the Dennis Kim I know of, right? Went to UCC, Wedd’s house? Now turned… GGXX boy? Please tell me it’s not true.

Wow that post is so inaccurate it’s ridiculous. When have you ever seen my friends? Trust me, they’re a lot “kooler” than you. When did I talk about owning an online company? I said some friends from work and I had ran pc website. Licked frost of a man’s chest? Hahaha… ok there. It’s ok if you’ve never had human contact with a girl before, but don’t go telling people bs just to make yourself feel better. For the reocrd, you’re the unemployed one, not me. Go pick those food stamps out of your hair.

FS is my heroe! :eek:

lol dayam stephen, you’re causing a commotion!!!

what’s up homie thanks for housing me two years back!!

i dunno who dennis is but uhhhh i wanna see them pictures now!!!

Still playing the life card eh? AND u even added a racial joke.
I’ll deal with you when I get back.
BTW: I have a job and I have never been fired from a job unlike u
(hes gonna try and defend himself here)

sup Tao. I’m not causing any commotion, I’m just putting the trash in its place. And no, you don’t want to see his picture.

ps. Dennis, I don’t need to lie about u to make myself better, you do a good job at doing it for me.

Every time I read these posts I picture Domo-kun reading them out loud. It increases the comedy factor ten-fold.:lol:

While I was taking a shit the other day I decided to think about replying to you. Then I realized, why bother? You’re post are just meaningless personal attacks to ppl you don’t even know and a whole load of bragging. I bet you bragged about doing a triple axl out of your mom’s pussy when you were born. You are done. I have never had contact with a girl? LOL As opposed to the real girls from your sears catolouge? Did u know that they photoshop the nipples and pubic hair off/on the models? Kinda like how your face was photoshopped on those many pics that caused that massive breakdown.
This will be my last post about this seeing how you were done in by my 1st post. Are you a vegetarian? Cuz u seem like a big pussy to me. How many times have ppl called me nigger (99% from you) and waved racial slurs around me? Hell I even had a “what do u think of this guy” thread thnx to marvin but u don’t see me threatining anyone then run off in tears for months then come back and brag about a new job then say he was away because of the new job…yea that didn’t stop u from joing #capcom everyday tho.
I go to school, I have a job, friends (male and female) and I for one can say that ive never been driven out of any chan like a little pussy. Can you say the same thing?

ps: I make $100 a day in my job. You can believe it or not I don’t really care.
pss: Don’t bother replying cuz i know how ur gonna reply:
"when did i ever do so and so, -insert personal attack-, brag, brag, racial joke."
psss: jet lag is owning me right now so i can’t remember some things that i wanted to say so wtvr
pssss: oh yeah how can I forget, I finnished your avatar request but i forget to post it. Here you are:

Ok Stephen, I didn’t read your replies but I think we can both agree this is a stupid, immature argument. Now, as hard as it is to believe, I don’t have any grudges against you. I hope we can both put this behind us and at least be on somewhat friendly terms.