The Road To T6: 2nd Stage (CFJ, #R)

I wasn’t there so I don’t have the full brackets like usual. If someone has the Reload brackets, I’d appreciate a full update.

1st - Kymah (Demetri/Guile)
2nd - DarkDragon (Karin/Kenji)
3rd - King Of Naboo (Guile/Karin)
4th - JS Master(Ryu/Chun, Zangief/Bison)
5th - Jason Ma (Yun/Chun-Li)
5th - Arcade Legend (Alex/Guile)
5th - Jasmine (Ryu/Ingrid)
5th - AneurismX (Urien/Guile)
9th - Flightwing (Ryu/jedah)
9th - Tigerlee (Zangief/Guy)
9th - PsychoCronic (Rose/Karin)
9th - Ken (Hauzer/Zangief)
9th - Mike (Urien/Jedah)
9th - Aaron (Guile/Zangief, Guile/Ryu)

GUILTY GEAR XX #R (11 Entrants - Double Elimination)
1st - Tidus
2nd - Rock2k2
3rd - Boa
4th - JS Master
5th - YellowS4
5th - Anthony
7th - DarkDragon
7th - X-Sapphire
9th - Tigerlee
9th - JA!
9th - FTK

Much thanks to Stephen for posting up the Reload results. A major piece of the T6 puzzle is put in place now that Reload is officially in the arcade. Much thanks to ORBIT and it’s staff for acquiring this cabinet.

CFJ owned #R in entrants.

1st Tidus
2nd alex "rock2k2"
3rd Boa
4th Eric "js master"
5th jay "yellows4"
5th anthony
7th stephen "darkdragon"
7th nazir "x-sapphire"
9th JA!
9th gordon "Tigerlee"
9th FTK

1st #r tourny. Practice time begins

ky fucken guy!

I corrected above…

is robo ky broken

How come nobody posted the 3S and CvS2 results?

Because there were none. :tup:

i should’ve participated in #R :sad:

KY guy is the future

PS. time to start learning eddie… since lewis left, i get to be the best eddie in T.O :clap: