The Road To T6: 3rd Stage (CvS2, 3S, AE, GGXX#R)

Another solid turnout for the continuing weekly tournaments leading up to T6.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (21 Entrants)
1st - JS Master
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - Nagata Lock II
4th - Flightwing
5th - Arcade Legend
5th - C-Royd
5th - Krasshole
5th - Poke Guy
9th - FTK
9th - Yoh!
9th - WB!
9th - Kevin Li
9th - Psychochronic
9th - Wilson
9th - Ant
9th - Jiggabry
17th - King Of Naboo
17th - Cruxay
17th - Sweet Cheeba
17th - Coveguy
17th - Nech_Neb

1st - AneurismX
2nd - Nech_Neb
3rd - C-Royd
4th - Louie
5th - King Of Naboo
5th - Hugo Anthony
5th - AdamB
5th - JS Master
9th - Little Alex
9th - DarkDragon
9th - WB!
9th - Coveguy
9th - Gerjay
9th - Ken
9th - Sindar
9th - Brendon
17th - Arcade Legend
17th - Oscar
17th - TK
17th - Jiggabry
17th - Cruxay
17th - Yoh!
17th - Mike
17th - Mo
17th - X-Sapphire

1st - Flightwing
2nd - WB!
3rd - Psychochronic
4th - King Of Naboo
5th - Jiggabry
5th - Krasshole
7th - Gerjay
7th - AneurismX
9th - X-Sapphire
9th - JS Master
9th - Gesus
9th - Kevin Li
13th - Nagata Lock II

Could whoever has the Reload brackets please post results when you see this thread?

Big thanks to Marc for bending over backwards to help us out AGAIN! Also thanks to Nazir and Stephen for running Reload, Jamie for running Hyper SF, Marc (again) for running 3S, and Gerjay for running CvS2 while I was taping 3S.

CvS2 Finals were insanity and I’ll post the video up over the weekend. I taped the entire top 8 for 3S so that’ll end up online soon as well.

Due to a conflict with Marc’s schedule, the CFJ qualifier has been moved to Friday May 20th, as opposed to Friday May 13th. My apologies for the inconvenience in this matter.

I hope to see everyone at METRO next Saturday afternoon.

GG’s with everyone today.

Sorry GerJay but despite playing well you blew it again :sad:


for 3s, 9th - Sindar should actually be “Sinclair”

my apologies for anyone who felt that brackets were unfair. i made the as fair as i could

also, please note that if at all possible, May 20th tournament should start at 6pm or sooner… PLEASE!

no tournament may 13th (atleast i won’t be there to set the machines)

propls to those i played:

#R: Zoo and DarkDragon
CvS2: Coveguy and Gerjay
HSF2: Kevin, Gerjay, Krasshole, WB! and Flightwing (sucks getting beaten in both the Winners and Losers Finals but mad props to Flightwing for clawing out of the Losers Bracket after being beaten 1st round and winning the Final Round fighting WB! :tup:)

Way to blow it again Gerjay…

you can say that again

sorry gerjay… my head wasnt in FOCUS today… but at least i ddnt have to play marvin’s yun =)

and thanks for being a top tier sub on mvc2! haha

and wheres my shout out for runnin 3s, cvs2, and HSF!!! im too good!!! haha

Was crazy fun yesterday.

CvS2 finals were cool. I swear I thought Gerjay had it for sure when he counter activated with Blanka…

Thanks to those who entered HSF even though they don’t play/hate the game… :tup:

Thanks to people who helped run HSF, including you crux(there, you happy? :tup: )

Good games to all, congrats to Wing for the HSF win.

If I knew that the winner goes on to the finals, i wouldn’t have used dudley and sean against Joey. Sheesh.

gg all in hsf.
thanks to ryan for teaching me.
and c-royd for doing nothing

am i part of team canada in hsf now?
but i wouldnt bother playing if im in.

WOW and i thought there was going to be no difference in sticks buttons between York and Orbit. i was wrong, sticks felt so…different but i lost like a newb, not to take anything away from Steve which had a decent chun. Good games to everyone there. i have learned my lesson ill stay in the york den, and await challengers…muawhahahah. come to york today,people its fun!!! ill be there this afternoon. peace.

gerjay is a beast

good shit TO
look forward to our money matches at ECC

#R results
Sorry it took a while…my net has been donw for a little while

1st k2 (may)
2nd js master (baiken/chipp)
3rd Q (Ky/testament/i-no)
4th zero (anji/zappa)
5th DarkDragon (jam/baiken/faust)
5th Boa (ky)
7th x-sapphire (chipp/sol)
7th anthony (ky)
9th ftk (johnny)
9th psychocnonic (eddie)
9th nagata lockII (chipp/sol)
9th eric (sol)

-ughh no more faust for me…baiken/jam all the way :tup:
-Tooo many kys and robo-kys hanging around. I hate thsoe bastards
-fucking dogs and ghosts

what happen in the cvs2’s final?

See for yourself

Remember to Right Click and “Save As”

Go Gerjay go!


Can’t say I didn’t try :slight_smile:

good match…

gerjay wasnt playin like usual tho =/… he still did good tho lol

wow it was closer than i thought