The Road To T6: 4th Stage (CvS2, 3S, GGXX#R)

Solid turnout today but we were missing a lot of the usual regulars (Gerjay?)

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (16 Entrants)
1st - JS Master
2nd - Nagata Lock II
3rd - Arcade Legend
4th - Flightwing
5th - Jason Ma
5th - Dogberry
5th - L.S.D.
5th - C Royd
9th - Joseph
9th - Cruxay
9th - X-Sapphire
9th - Coveguy
9th - DarkDragon
9th - PhastestPig
9th - Psychochronic
9th - Nech_Neb

1st - Secret Weapon
2nd - Nech_Neb
3rd - JS Master
4th - AdamB
5th - Burton
5th - Jack
7th - C Royd
7th - DarkDragon
9th - Coveguy
9th - Cruxay
9th - Weyon
9th - X-Sapphire
13th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Mo
13th - Sinclair
13th - Psychochronic

1st - Boa
2nd - DarkDragon
3rd - Pui
4th - X-Sapphire
5th - JS Master
5th - FTK
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Psychochronic

GG’s to everyone today. There were some crazy matches (Jason Ma vs JS Master was insanity with the active taunt) but I didn’t tape this week (forgot my camcorder at home). Sorry…

See you all next week ON TIME PLEASE! :tup:

gg to everyone i played.Yeah sry bout being late.

yeah lets not mention that i had a near-30 game win streak today and that I beat NechNeb for the title of “Captain of Team Canada”. And that I owned up FatPig in cvs2.

This tournament was about me me me me me.

(he later beat my yun with his elena to take the title back)

The Road to T6, 5th stage: Don’s House

Team Tournament(s) results(s)(s)

Tournament 1:
1st - Team Marvin: Nechneb, Bort, C-Royd, Daniel
2nd - Team Losers: Flightwing, Jacky “Tree”, Don, Patrick

Bort and C-Royd didn’t need to play

Tournament 2:
1st - Team Marvin: Nechneb, C-Royd, Flightwing, Bort
2nd - Team Fags: Patrick, Don, Jacky “Tree”, Daniel

Bort and C-Royd didn’t need to play

Tournament 3:
1st - Team ???: Ben,Marvin,???,???
2nd - Team ???: Bort,???,???,???

people started getting confused what team they were on but all i know is Bort almost lost this one for our team due to everyone going out to smoke weed every 20 minutes and cigarettes every 10

(this isn’t bullshit btw. We really had a team tournament. This tournament wasnt purposely stacked so Ben, bort, and I were on the same team. We did “random” selection by the ‘Paper, Rock’ method, where we keep shooting out either Paper or Rock until 4 people are showing paper and 4 people are showing rock. At one point, Wing wanted to do Scissors and mess everything up)

bort is crazy at parrying
i haven’t slept yet
Star Wars and then Rama today

justin has to stop scaring my fob girls >< haha

good tourny… who the fuk did i play in cvs2? he was better than me -_- i got impatient playin him and got messed up. Oh well, at least i ddnt have to play wing haha.

3s… yeah… i almost beat burton hahahaha XD and c royd beat me with one button :sad:

YEah… I went to see starwars with Sauga and then casual at James. Matt was gonna drive, then he couldn’t, so star wars was a godo alternative. Sounds like tourney woulda been fun. Dirty Jason Ma. I’ll be missing next weeks also… ECC owns.

jack came in 5th place in 3s!?

oh yeah i beat Frankenstein with 1 button!

and marvin forgot to mention i beat him twice in 3s.
one of them was a 3-0.
i should be the captain of canada…

can’t wait for the nagata log

oh yeah Wing beat me in 3s three times.

(it was actually 2 times)

There is no log. If you’re referring to my placing, I’m happy to have got it but I’m not bouncing off the walls about it. Roger didn’t show, I got floated to fill top four and worked my way through the bracket. I think my turtling is getting even better (or worse depending on your perspective) as I was able to wait out both Kevin and Wing until they got frustrated and made mistakes. I’m pretty disappointed in how I played against Eric as I was only able to adapt to his K Groove by the third match (I was calling Eric’s moves before he did them, ask Tony) and even that was a struggle to win because I walked into so many S.HP with Sagat. Ah well… I hope to do as well this coming week.