The Road To T6: 5th Stage (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, GGXX#R, T5)

It was nice to get back on track after such a long hiatus. Team Canada Qualifiers should be interesting with so many players stepping their games up.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (20 Entrants)
1st - JS Master
2nd - Ratio1beatdown
3rd - Gerjay
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Jiggabry
5th - Tigerlee
5th - Flightwing
5th - Ant
9th - Arcade Legend
9th - Krasshole
9th - PhastestPig
9th - Joseph
9th - Nech_Neb
9th - Sweet Cheeba
9th - Original Gatsby
9th - Ocean
17th - FTK
17th - Ack
17th - Neo
17th - Coveguy

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (10 Entrants - Double Elimination)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - G3nn
4th - Deathfist
5th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Krasshole
7th - LOC
7th - Sweet Cheeba
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Alex

I need the results for the other tournaments. I know 3S had somewhere between 16 - 20, Reload had 12 and Tekken 5 had 8 so if the directors could post results that’d be great.

GG’s to everyone today, some nutty matches in CvS2. :tup:

Good games to all today. I guess results went as expected, with the exception of Ian. Screwy things happened to him I guess.

Noodleman (Toronto J Mar) didnt join cvs2? I thought he’d get 3rd or 4th with the level he’s improved lately. (no offense, noodleman, but when JS and Roger are in the tournament, it’s pretty much a fight for 3rd

No 3s? Or did ben show up and then everyone just decided not to join

Jason didn’t join.

Ben won 3S over Eric. I just need the results posted. MARC!

why is sauga so good at cvs2?

BUT if u guys think ur gonna get pass us in cvs2 like u did in mvsc2, ur WRONG :badboy:

Jap sticks :tdown:

next mvc2 tourney, i want either Nagata, The Cate, Marc, or any no-name first round.

those are the only people i have a chance of beating.

#R results from what i remember
(11 people - JS pussied out, didn’t have enough money due to his $6.75/hour mcdonalds job)

3.Ky fuken Guy
7.Gordon the n00b

Gordon is the future.

I challenge you MVC2 first round next tourney

wut happened to 3s results?

holy shit…any CvS2 vids?

no you weren’t on the list

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (16 Entrants)
1st - Nech_Neb
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Don
3rd - Ocean
5th - Sinclair
5th - Paul
5th - Little Alex
5th - Ack
9th - Tommy
9th - Coveguy (i got scammed by Sinclair)
9th - Arcade Legend
9th - G3nn
9th - Sam
9th - DarkDragon
9th - Joseph
9th - X-Sapphire

Sorry, I taped the entire Marvel tournament this week instead. It’ll be posted in a day or two.

I’ll take your challenge fool

you said any no name.
I’m a no name.

i’ll beat you next time Nagata Lock.
i saw through ur nubby tactics already it won’t work twice!

I think you mean it won’t work a fourth time. I’ve played you in three tournaments over the last six months or so and you’ve been peaced out every time. Maybe you need a new teacher because the one you’ve got may be a great player but he’s not teaching you shit. ISN’T THAT RIGHT ERIC?! YOU OWE ME A DOLLAR BIATCH!

obviously this dollar was a baitout for you to put in 5 dollars next time

TEKKEN 5 (8 Entrants)
1st - Avex Honda NSX
2nd - Hamstar
3rd - Neo
4th - Lawrence
5th - Barry
5th - Great Gatsby
7th - Tekken Scrub
7th - Capercat

Props to Tyrell (BRAMPTON!) for holding it down with his sick Kazuya and Lee. :tup: