The road to top tier

I’ve been playing marvel since it came out. But just recently i’ve been training more seriously. Learning the top tier, Fast fly, Rom, all that good stuff. I’ve been playing at the arcade and with friends more just trying to get better. I would consider myself low tier. I would like to know what i need to be doing to keep myself headed for the top though? How many hours do top players put into marvel? How do they train? I think i could get a lot better if marvel were online.(thx xbox live) I live in Indianapolis where people don’t even use snapouts and can’t sj out of sentinel’s hsf. Let me know wsup. :wonder:

if you have a girl friend, dump her. you like going out on weekends? forget it. stay home and play with other people and watch all the match vids you can. there are no shortcuts. play people better than you and get your ass whipped, learn from it, and apply stolen strats you x copy from the match vids you watched earlier until you’re the man.

training mode is your friend. practice your combos until you can do them without thinking. i think that’s it.

Didn’t think there was a shortcut. One of the main problems is lack of competition. I do live in Indiana after all. I can’t just go out and play magnetro, or mike z or megamands.

so you’re saying you’re the absolute best player in your area? otherwise, find the better guys, play them, and learn. you don’t have to play justin wong to get better. you get better in increments anyways so start at the bottom.

train someone that way you’ll have equal comp. 2 people is enough to really learn the game and matchups as long as you 2 are willing to pick all the teams.

once you learn the top 4, mag\storm\sent\cable, you can mix and match for just about the rest of the teams. Then you just have to learn some weird teams that people still run these days. Strider\doom, spiral, BH, wm\im. You can’t cut these teams out of the loop because a good player with any of those B characters could easily rape you if you don’t know what to do.

you should check out some local tournaments in your region and see if you can find players near you. Maybe you might find some good comp an hour or 2 away which is decent. I know theres a columbus ohio tourney coming up on the 24th and EVO NORTH is happening in a few months. Check your regions thread and see who’s near you

:sweat: Well no i’m not the best at all. I hold my own and have my winning streaks but no i’m not the absolute best. I’m doing that part right now. They were already better than me when i started. Now i’m catching up. That would really suck if there wasn’t any comp. I feel you though. I just know that the better the opponent the better you get.

i’m gonna check that out. i know people in columbus. I’ll check out chicago as well. Good lookin out. Btw… i’m forcing my friend to get better. He’ll be my vegeta that keeps me going. Thx for the info.

Advanced Tactics

So i’ve watched the videos on guard cancel and how tech throw puts the opponent in normal jump mode. I’m getting that stuff down now. Is there any other advanced tactics i should be learning or that anyone else know?

the most useful strat in marvel is being able to block. You have to learn to block or else you die.

sure, super powered offense may beat 90% of the people out there but the last 10% can block and counter you. Thats what you really want to do is to block and counter hit or counter bait.

offense will only work for so long and when you come across people who know how to stop offense, blocking and playing patiently is all thats really left and actually its all you really need. Playing defensively w\ basics @ a master level is god like.

I gurantee you if you sit and block rather than attack constantly you’ll be a MUCH better player down the road. Practice those big combos\ death shit though because they are useful.

That is serious. I never thought about things that way. My defense does get better little by little as i try to counter moves and push block and what not. But i never thought about focusing on it. The computer goes through fazes where it just doesn’t want to be hit and it doesn’t matter what you rush it down, or cross it up with, its just not going to get hit. Thats going into my training.

So you’re stuck learning Marvel on your own too huh?

That usually happens in any training session, hang in there and you’ll overcome it.

I’m stuck in the same type of Rut. I wanna get REALLY good at Marvel, but my Brother is away at college and the good competition only rolls through at the arcade on Friday nights. MArvel CPU really sucks. I hate playing arcade mode now.

Try the training mode, practice combo’s and chains to become better at marvel. Go against some good peeps and so forth…even if you lose, you’ll learn something.

Its not as much that type of problem. I practice in training and so forth. Combos and other things etc. (ROM, Fast Fly, AHVB x3). It’s just there’s a big difference between learning comboes and applying them in a real match. Though, I will admit, training has made me ALOT better.

Stay focus during match play, don’t let distractions interfere.

Execution ultimately leads to success.

yeah. training mode can indeed make you better. IMO there are 3 things you can’t be without in being able to play better in this game

  1. Execution
  2. Block
  3. Focus

Lol… blocking. That ruins ALOT of players. Seriously, even players who have the “Best” traps mastered forget to block, and they’ll have Spiral + Assist out, and BOTH will end up eating some AHVB because they don’t block. It feels good to shut down the Duc Do trap with some pushblocking and AHVB. :rofl:

all alone… kinda

Pretty much. My friends think they are good when they hear of me playing the game. But then they get on the stick and suck. They do help my execution though. The training room is one thing but actually doing what you train on in a real match is very much satisfying. Mostly its me and the training room. Then it’s me and arcade mode. Then i go to the real arcade and see what happens. Then i have to get readjusted to the arcade stick cuz mine at home is different:arazz:

focus daniel san

Focus is not to be underestimated. Recently i heard the term “masher”. I didn’t know what that was at first but then i figured it out. Its when you start hitting more buttons than you need to to do a combo. I’ve been working on that in practice because i noticed when i got to the arcade i would mess up on some combos that i normally hit 95-100%. Psylock’s launch would cancel into a psy-blast. i would only do 3 hits of magneto’s magic series and then try to hypergravXXtempest and not connect… or i would cancel it too early. Not to mention storm and the LAxxLS. And i caught sentinel and fast fly early. I was starting to do it 75% of the time but i noticed i was mashing. sometimes in the match i really focus on my my timing and button presses because you can really mess yourself up. i might have to change my signature:wtf: