The Robots Request Thread

Its my last week here so I’m gonna do a request thread:

I’ll take 5 requests for now, I’d rather large format (wallpaper, stick art, etc…) but lets see what happens. This is my first time doing a request thread so lets see how it goes.

One requirement is to provide me with a source image if you’re making a specific request for a character, chick, actor, etc…

1.Sasmasta complete
2.ShockyII complete
3.Kaytrim complete
4.Seishin complete
6.Taskmaster complete
8.Mavrick complete

I’ll add more slots as I go until I get bored or run out of time. (1 week)

Count me in for a wallpaper please [1024x768]! I’ll PM the pic if you can give me a spot.

[Why request a wallie? Don’t you have PS? Yes, I do, but I prefer ‘simplicity’…because I know not how to create designs with ‘flair.’]

Avatar. I don’t know what yet.

Stick art request

Hey Ryan, I have an interesting stick art request for you. I am currently working with some Lacewood it is also called Leopardwood. I am looking for something simple that will go with the interesting grain pattern in this wood. I also have enough of this wood for another stick if you are interested in making another piece of art for that one. Both boxes will be treated the same.

Shoot me an email and I’ll get you the measurements of the CP area tonight.


Here is a pic of the box.

Here are two closeups so you can see the grain.

and here is a sample of what the finished piece will look like.

email sent

maki avatar,dope as chun li wallpaper regular paper size 11x8 i think it is. is my email if anything thanks. let me know so i can send u the pic/pics.

oh shit im in ill pm you.

Email sent, for now I’m only gonna do the wallpaper since I prefer large size if I dont get more requests I’ll do the avatar after I finish everyone elses pieces.

No0o0o0o im to late :sad:

Its okay GuMz I’ll probably wind up doin more. Today was my last day at work and now I have a week to get stuff in order and just make art for fun until I leave. Keep checkin back :slight_smile:

Request was to turn this image into a wallpaper:


Full Size (1024x768 per request)

I have a little request here. For a piece of stick art.

The dude it’s for is a KOF fan so he wants Kyo and Iori on it. He has only two real conditions. That Iori’s logo and Kyo’s flame are present. He would also like Kyo and Iori to look like men, as he thinks they look too slender on more recent art.

We came up with an idea for the stick art: Iro and Kyo back to back ( more or less) between the stick and buttons. Iori’s side would be engulfed in the Orochi purple shit and Kyo’s in flames. They could also be facing off instead of back to back.

These are mere suggestion, so do whatever you like, as long as you keep to the first 2 guidelines.

The measurements for the art are


13,4 inches ( length)

Please dont put anything to important at the outer inch otso, that way I’ll have a little leeway after printing when cutting it.

Here’s some Kyo/Iori pics he liked. You don’t have to use these if you have better ( most likely you will)

He liked that one a lot ^^

Thank you very much RyanTheRobot! :tup:

wow thats awsomely dope. i like that color effect u did to match the yellow on the other side

Since this one is for print I’m not uploading it to my site but the full size is in your email dude, hope you like it.

For SeiSHIN:

^That’s awesome

i dont like it… i love it. i would of never thought of the paint theme with that pic it goes so well.

Hey thanks DanD I think you also commented on the one time I ever posted in the recent work thread but I couldnt find the post, just saw you replied to it in my control panel.

Anyways though Boomshakalaka hasn’t given me what he wants and Kaytrim’s is under way but I’m takin my time on it to make sure it comes out awesome so I’m gonna take on two more requests.

Updated my post ( number 12 ) if you wanna take it on.

not interested in entering your “competition” if I was I would’ve posted in your other thread.