The Rock (animation concept art)

THis is more than likely the model I will use for my wrestling animation Raven vs. The Rock. Tell me what you thank. The anatomy is assey but that can be tweeked.

the muscle look too defined, and whats this animation thing. id like to know.

i like it alot… the rock is so hot!! ooh!

The muscles are very well drawn. I think you should make a connection between muscle and the skin. Overall good stuff.

Im in animation and I was going to do a 7 minute wrestling film. This is prob gonna take a while.

Thanks SMFC, I will be doing some adjustments before I get started animating. I havent even begun to story board.

a while? 7 minutes, plan to spend a couple months on this project, thats if u want it to look decent. u could do it in a couple weeks but it will prolly be crap

That looks pretty tedious to animate… so many lines.